Brilliant and ingenious design, simple Chinese sty

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The red carpet adds warmth to the living room and creates a beautiful afternoon. The transparent floor to ceiling windows are equipped with black rag curtains, and the light is refracted into the living room through the windows, and the red carpet increases the temperature of the living room

the simple and generous square tea table designed by the designer abandons the traditional tea table design concept. It makes the whole space full of a sense of design, and also strongly shows the owner's distinctive personality of seeking change

leaning into the big blue and gray sofa to read, behind which is the gorgeous oil painting style wall. Such an artistic sense will paint the study with a sense of being in a beautiful dream

the large horizontal bookcase can place the books cherished by the owner for many years. And the childlike master's beloved hand for many years. Red age, beautiful afternoon. The magnificent artistic temperament carpet is specially customized by the designer to show the artistic talent of the owner

the main tone of matching black and red makes people unable to forget the red age left in the deep memory. Black tiles with white sidelines are gorgeous without losing taste. White and black meet again in the bathroom, simple and fashionable but not simple

black, red and white run through the whole house. Invite some old friends to get together and prepare a table of rich and delicious home cooking to entertain friends. Drink a little red wine, warm and nostalgic feelings filled each other




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