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Rafael, as one of the top ten domestic customized furniture brands, puts more emphasis on after-sales service. Rafael customized furniture regards quality as life, so after-sales service is to make life continuous supply

the development of an enterprise cannot be separated from after-sales service. The quality of after-sales service more reflects the strength and reputation of an enterprise. A strong brand should have good after-sales service, and an unknown brand should have more after-sales service. As one of the top ten domestic customized furniture brands, Rafael, after-sales service is more important. Rafael customized furniture regards quality as its life, Then after sales service is to make life continuous supply

Rafael is strict with itself and gains public praise

since Rafael entered the industry, he has been strict with himself. He must serve the broad masses of Chinese people well, so that everyone can feel the affinity and cohesion of Rafael, a big brand. Through time and again real examples and high-quality customized products, Rafael furniture has completely won the hearts of Chinese consumers and received public praise

at present, many companies and enterprises have done a good job in terms of service before consumers buy. However, once the purchase is completed, it is completely the case in the following after-sales service. The service is procrastinating and indifferent, which makes consumers very helpless. This worry will not appear in Rafael customized furniture brand. The company promises that customers who customize Rafael furniture or join the Rafael brand, whether before, during or after sales, will regard customers as guests of honor with the same attitude. When consumers feed back problems, the professional after-sales team will meet at the first time to work out the best solution, so as to avoid everyone's worry

360 degree considerate service allows customers to worry free

as a leading brand in the customized furniture industry, Rafael furniture brand, when it promises customers when to deliver, will be able to be on time and never delay customers' time. Products are closely followed by consumers from drawing to customer confirmation, and never get out of touch with consumers. Rafael has the first domestic research and development technology, and adopts the board of international environmental protection standards. At the same time, it takes the lead in introducing the latest German Haomai full set of production lines to produce new furniture materials. While ensuring the quality of products, Rafael wardrobe brand also promises customers that when there are problems with products, the company's professionals will help customers find the best solution at the first time, so that customers will have no worries

choosing Rafael custom wardrobe is to choose a guarantee, and 360 degree intimate after-sales service makes you really at ease. As a leader in the customization industry, Raphael wardrobe has always taken the interests of consumers as the premise of enterprise development. The first consideration is how to serve consumers well and how to satisfy consumers. For such a good service enterprise, do you still have to worry about its after-sales service quality





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