The maintenance and cleaning knowledge of sliding

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(master work of good doors and windows - Carty doors and windows) in modern kitchen decoration, more and more owners choose to install exquisite and beautiful sliding doors for the beauty of the whole space and to isolate the pollution of lampblack. However, most people lack the awareness of cleaning and maintenance of sliding doors, which will lead to sliding doors aging easily. Today, Xiaobian will come with you to see how to maintain sliding doors

the door panel is related to the face of the whole sliding door. A clean and bright door panel will make the sliding door look energetic at home, so the cleanliness of the door panel cannot be ignored. You can use soft and dry cotton cloth or silk to wipe the door panel at ordinary times, and pay attention to avoid scratching the surface of the door panel. If there are serious stains on the inner door panel, you can use neutral detergent or special detergent to clean the stains, and then dry wipe with cotton cloth; The slight scratches on the surface of the door panel can be wiped repeatedly with a soft cloth dipped in a small amount of toothpaste

the frame of sliding door is generally made of aluminum alloy. The frame of sliding door should be wiped with dry cotton cloth for daily cleaning. If you clean the sliding door frame with water, you should try to wring the rag as much as possible, so as not to cause rust or damage on the surface and affect the beauty of the sliding door

the bottom rail of the sliding door is easy to accumulate dust, which directly affects the sliding of the bottom wheel, thus affecting the service life of the sliding door. Therefore, it should be noted that when cleaning the dust deposited on the bottom rail with a vacuum cleaner, the corners should be cleaned with a rag dipped in water and wiped dry with pure cotton cloth. Care should be paid to the maintenance of everything, and sliding doors are no exception. Blind operation will inevitably reduce the use effect of sliding doors, so remember not to neglect the cleaning work of sliding doors

pulley is the soul of the inner door of the whole sliding door. It can be said that although the pulley is small, it plays a significant role. The pulleys of the sliding door are divided into upper and lower pulleys, and the upper and lower pulleys of brand pulleys use needle bearings to slide, so it is unnecessary to add lubricating oil, and pay attention to cleaning sundries. Generally, it is best to add lubricating oil to the sliding part of the pulley every half a year, so that the sliding door can be used smoothly




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