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When shopping for electric water heaters, all kinds of information are dazzling, too chaotic, and there are many kinds of electric water heaters. Sometimes it's dazzling to choose electric water heaters. So how to choose electric water heaters? To sum up, how to choose an electric water heater should consider six factors: heating speed, appearance, health, quality, safety and intelligence. Only by comparing with each other, can you choose the most suitable electric water heater

I. how to choose an electric water heater? Beauty is justice! Size can't mess

I believe everyone understands how different "Buyer show" and "seller show" can be... When buying a water heater, size and shape must not be careless! If you buy a large T-shirt, you can wear it as "boyfriend" style, and if you buy a large water heater, you can only return it... Even if you buy online, you must communicate clearly with the customer service in advance. It's a headache if you can't install it in a wrong size, isn't it? In general, with the same volume, the faster the heating speed is, the greater the heat output is. If you are also a small house type, the decoration demand is limited by space

second, how to choose an electric water heater? Taking a bath well depends on the amount of hot water 6 No 6

regardless of appearance, among all the functions of the electric water heater, the heating speed is too slow, which is the most concerned. For example, when you come home from work in summer with a sweat on your head, the most urgent need is to take off your sweaty clothes and take a hot bath, right? The heating speed of the water heater is too slow. Wait until the sweat is cold before you come to hot water. Are you angry? The slow arrival of hot water, small water output and unpleasant washing are the most troublesome problems when taking a bath. In fact, most electric water heaters on the market are classified according to the heating speed, (the heating speed is basically proportional to the price...) the heating speed of electric water heaters can be divided into five categories from slow to fast: single tube type, variable frequency type, layered heating type, 3D fast heating type and instantaneous heating type. Class 1: single tube electric water heater, as the name suggests, there is only one heating rod in the tank, which obviously has a slow heating speed; Class 2: frequency conversion heating electric water heater, heating power can be selected, but the rapid heating effect is very limited; Category 3: layered heating electric water heater, which realizes rapid heating by customizing the amount of water, such as half tank, whole tank, and alternating heating; Category 4: 3D speed thermoelectric water heater, which adopts a patented 3D shaped energy heating system, can achieve the bathing experience of 70% saving time when it is started up and washed in summer and heated in other seasons. Under certain conditions, it can reheat 10 ° instantaneously in the outlet water; Category 5: instantaneous thermal water heater, which uses an enhanced 3D energy gathering ring. The low-temperature water flowing through the outlet pipe instantly rises above 15 ℃. It can be washed immediately after startup, which is 10 times faster than ordinary water heaters

III. how to choose an electric water heater? Is the healthy electric water heater worth it

most ordinary water heaters use clean liners and high-temperature bacteriostasis. At present, the electric water heater industry has three levels of purification: the first level of purification filter screen can remove large particles such as rust and sediment;; The second purification adopts nano metal water purification composite filter element imported from the United States to remove residual chlorine; The third purification adopts 80 ℃ high temperature sterilization, and the bacteria killing rate is 99%. The water quality after descaling, bacteriostasis and purification is healthier

IV. how to choose an electric water heater? Of course, safety is the most important

there are many hidden dangers in the domestic electrical environment in China, and there are also many fires and electric shock accidents caused by leakage. Safety oriented, it is very important to choose an electric water heater with an electric wall! At present, 70% of domestic electric water heaters are equipped with anti electric wall 1.0 Technology: anti electric wall 1.0 passive protection: it can only solve the electrification problem of the water heater itself; Electricity proof wall 2.0 actively monitors and protects the power consumption of the whole house. Once the electric leakage is found in the home, the alarm light will be on; The electric wall 3.0 adopts internationally advanced space grade temperature sensing technology. When the wire temperature is too high, it will automatically cut off the power supply and stop heating, strangling the zero hidden danger of household electricity in the cradle

v. how to choose an electric water heater? Finally, let's talk about after-sales service.

knock on the blackboard. This is a hidden problem. One of the after-sales services is "warranty repair", and the other is "warranty". The effect is very different! Warranty: during the warranty period, provide maintenance services but charge; Warranty repair: during the warranty repair period, the manufacturer can repair for free, which can not only save the later maintenance cost, but also avoid worries at home. Chicken thief merchants often don't tell you the importance of this word difference. In the future, you can have a long snack when purchasing products: if you can buy "guaranteed repair", don't buy "warranty". The warranty period of different brands of water heaters ranges from 1 to 8 years. Of course, the longer the warranty period, the better. The warranty period of different brands of electric water heaters ranges from 1 to 10 years, and there are so many products with excellent quality that dare to promise a warranty period of 8 or even 10 years

the exhibition of science and technology is more and more obvious in electric water heaters. In the past, I always felt that electric water heaters had little technical content. Now after understanding, I found that many electric water heaters today have made refreshing progress in heating speed, clean water washing and intelligent experience, especially some big brands. However, because there are too many kinds, it is inevitable to have a headache when purchasing, This also needs to be well identified according to your own needs




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