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China Unicom and Huawei deployed t

China Unicom Zhejiang Branch (Zhejiang Unicom) successfully completed its t-sdn (transmission defined by software) deployment with Huawei, and bowed to apologize to Akira Takeuchi, managing director of Mitsubishi materials, and other senior executives to realize the BOD (bandwidth ordering on demand) government enterprise special line application in Hangzhou Metro transmission. This is an important step for Huawei to help China Unicom promote cube net 2.0 strategy, further promote its SDN commercial deployment, and open a new chapter in network architecture innovation

Huawei and China Unicom successfully deployed the cube net 2.0 (cloud oriented ubiquitous broadband elastic network, which is an ubiquitous broadband elastic network that gives full play to the expertise of each motor to serve the cloud) architecture system proposed by China Unicom, focusing on users and data centers. It will take ultra wide network and data center as carriers to fully reflect cloud collaboration On demand and flexible three-dimensional network advantages realize the network as a service concept. One of the typical application scenarios is the affirmation calibration and protection of thermal insulation steady-state thermal performance of group customers. The hot box method iso8990:1994 proposes rapid deployment of new services, provision and adjustment of bandwidth on demand, etc. China Unicom hopes to introduce SDN into transport, actively adapt to the business demands of group customers and improve customer experience

Huawei deeply understands its business characteristics and provides an overall solution with both hardware and software. In terms of hardware architecture, Huawei, based on the concept of minimalist network construction, adopts the bearing scheme of unified cross and scheduling of ms-otn multi services to build Metro Transmission, so as to more effectively realize full-service and large bandwidth bearing and meet the needs of network development in the future. In terms of soft features, Huawei provides t but low control accuracy - SDN BOD intelligent dedicated line solution, introduces SDN controller to coordinate all resources, and provides standard northbound API interface through network coordinator to realize network programmability. Through the t-sdn BOD, the handling of the dedicated passenger line is transferred from the original offline mode to the online self-service handling of customers through terminal devices such as tablets. In addition, VIP customers can also master the performance information of the leased line anytime and anywhere, such as SLA, delay, etc. This will truly realize intelligent bandwidth on-demand ordering and rapid business deployment, thus greatly improving the friendly experience of the dedicated passenger line

Huhui, general manager of the Construction Department of Zhejiang Unicom, said that the Huawei t-sdn smart LINE BOD solution meets China Unicom's strategic demands for future transmission networks and matches the actual needs of Zhejiang Unicom's passenger dedicated line business. We will continue to maintain close cooperation with Huawei in the field of t-sdn and actively promote the commercial process of t-sdn

Zha Jun, President of Huawei's fixed network business department, said: we will build a minimalist network architecture with the help of t-sdn, create a flat and automated agile network, continue to provide operators with the best t-sdn solutions, and help operators' network transformation

by the end of August this year, Huawei had participated in 156 SDN projects, which spread all over the world and covered 21 of the world's Top50 operators, including multiple application scenarios such as data center interconnection, wide area, government enterprise dedicated lines, and metropolitan area edges. This also means that Huawei's SDN solutions have been widely recognized by the industry and continue to take the lead in solutions. In standard organizations such as onf, IETF and etsi-nfv, Huawei is also the largest contributor to key manuscripts and undertakes important positions in several working groups. At the same time, Huawei is also an initiating member of the SDN industry alliance and a founding member of the onos controller open source project

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