Most popular China will issue online stock trading

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According to an authoritative source, China's securities regulatory authorities will issue management measures for the exchange of shares in the current market. The rapid conversion of a/d signals to computers for data processing means that this emerging trading method will be officially recognized by the regulatory authorities. The person said that the measures to be introduced are quite forward-looking, leaving enough space for the development of the market. It marks a positive change in the attitude of the regulatory authorities towards the picture trading under the principle of "system exit and promotion". At present, several securities companies in China, such as Guotong securities, Minfa securities, Guotai Junan Securities and Huatai Securities, have carried out trading, and some securities companies are preparing to carry out this business. According to insiders, the trading volume of a regional securities firm has accounted for 20% of the total trading volume. Zhuyongqiang, technical director of Huatai Securities, said that the number of online accounts opened by the company has reached 5% of the total number of accounts opened. Experts here pointed out that in the next few years, listing trading will become an important trading method in China and will have a significant impact on the development of the securities market

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