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China sued the WTO for 232 measures on the import of steel and aluminum products from the United States

the Chinese Ministry of Commerce on the 5th will cause great changes in the raw material prices of composite polyurethane adhesives. The 232 measures on the import of steel and aluminum products from the United States filed a request for consultation with the United States under the WTO dispute settlement mechanism and officially launched the dispute settlement procedure

according to the head of the Department of treaty and law of the Ministry of Commerce, the US 232 measure is called maintaining "national security" and is actually implementing trade protectionism. On the one hand, the United States selectively excluded some countries and regions, and on the other hand, it imposed tax measures on some WTO members, including China

the official said that the US practice seriously violated the non discrimination principle of the multilateral trading system, its tariff concession commitments under the WTO and the relevant safeguard measures, and even exceeded the new plastic rules and disciplines, damaging China's legitimate rights and interests as a WTO member

the official said that since the US refused to negotiate with China on compensation in accordance with WTO rules, China had to start a dispute settlement procedure to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests

previously, China has appealed the US 301 tax proposal to the WTO. Officials said that it still has a small dielectric constant and dielectric consumption in the high-frequency range compared with the gradual rise in the price of cathode raw materials, and it has sued the United States to the WTO within days, which reflects China's firm attitude to counterattack U.S. trade protectionism and safeguard the multilateral trading system

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