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China Unicom launched micro customer service to create high-quality user experience. According to the news on March 14, in order to meet the expectations of users for smoother business handling, more convenient information query and simpler communication, China Unicom combined the advantages of accurate and rapid communication, and launched customer service in April 2013, making China Unicom's services go hand in hand with users

it is understood that China Unicom always adheres to the principle that users can serve wherever they are, and is committed to the development of social media service applications. Customer service is an important part of its social media service applications. Whenever and wherever, as long as you search the service platform of China Unicom on the public platform, you can realize the functions of self-service query, business handling, business consulting, etc. The customer service of China Unicom has been open for less than 3 months, and the number of friends has exceeded 1million, and the average monthly service volume has exceeded 3million

more convenient services for users

a survey shows that more than 70% of smart users have installed it, making it possible to obtain the services originally in the business hall. It is understood that after China Unicom's customer service officially started operation, the online self-service inspection and assignment function is very convenient. Users can search the public account China Unicom through the platform, or scan the QR code to become concerned users. Then you can conveniently query the current month's telephone charges, package allowance, account balance, etc. through the self-service query navigation menu, and handle international business, value-added business, etc. through the business processing menu

such services have indeed brought many conveniences to users. As long as they are installed, the services that previously had to be handled in the physical business hall can be completed through simple operation through the service number of China Unicom. Even in case of emergencies, it can be regarded as high-quality equipment and can be handled in time. Mr. Zhang, a business person, is the beneficiary of Unicom's customer service. Last month, he went to the United States on an emergency business trip. Before going abroad, he did not have time to open international roaming. As a result, please save the current interface and contact our after-sales service department in time. The phone can not be used abroad. Fortunately, it is remembered that China Unicom customer service has the function of handling international business. Mr. Zhang, who is thousands of miles away, used WiFi to log in, opened China Unicom service number, and opened the international roaming function by himself, without delaying important work. After this emergency, Mr. Zhang lamented the changes brought about by the development of mobile Internet, and the customer service of China Unicom is indeed considerate and convenient, breaking through the geographical restrictions, making life more convenient and communication barrier free

specialized services

in order to verify the service quality that goes with them, I also experienced it personally. During this process, I also found that all people can communicate with customer service by sending text, pictures, voice and other multimedia information. Professionals should check the manual customer service representative team of the air circulation system to give users more professional and accurate answers and a more reliable experience. The manual service of customer service can accept the consultation, inquiry, handling and complaint of 3G, 2G, broadband and fixed services. Professional customer service representatives come from professional systematic training, and constantly learn from the analysis of the PC global supply side inspection chart in the second quarter of 2018 to improve business skills, improve users' experience perception, and achieve user satisfaction of more than 90%

Guangdong Unicom pilot personalized service

whether it's a homey man or a homey woman or an outdoor expert, they are all hands-on. Playing games, watching videos, and so on are all at any time, which leads to the shortage of monthly traffic with balance in the past. The traffic is always used unknowingly. At this time, the traffic reminder service of Unicom customer service is very popular. Ms. Zhang said to her that in February, she fell in love with a game and had fun studying how to pass customs with her husband every day. One day, the customer service of Guangdong Unicom suddenly sent her a message, reminding her that the traffic in the package was about to run out. After receiving this warm reminder, Ms. Zhang opened an additional traffic package through self-service to avoid traffic overload

it is understood that Guangdong Unicom is actively trying to provide personalized and active reminder services. Through customer service, it can not only prompt users about traffic usage in real time, but also provide users with active alerts such as balance, downtime status and contract expiration. In addition, users can easily recharge their phone charges, handle traffic packets, renew their contracts, etc. through customer service, so as to completely solve their worries

meanwhile, Guangdong Unicom is also exploring to bring more life services to users. For example, if users pay attention to the official service number of Guangdong Unicom and enter the wallwood zone through the menu, they can enjoy movie ticket purchase discounts and tourist attractions in Guangdong Province. You can either download coupons and use them at any time, or pay directly to purchase electronic tickets, which is convenient and fast

in addition, Guangdong Unicom has always insisted on carrying out o2o offline interactive activities to shorten the previous emotional exchanges with users. In 2013, Guangdong Unicom customer service carried out 6 interactive activities and received extensive praise from users. Among them, in the aircraft war activity of wohao game, users can directly attract nearly 1million users to participate in the audition competition through customer service participation in activity registration and real-time query results. More than 500 on-site activities have been held in the province offline, and more than 300000 fans have been developed in total

through customer service, China Unicom has given users a better interactive experience, more personalized butler service and more timely preferential information. Guangdong Unicom is also in the forefront of Internet services, constantly exploring and exploring, actively trying personalized services, so that users can feel the fashion atmosphere of the emerging mobile Internet era and the meticulous intentions of Unicom service users

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