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China Unicom's 55billion subsidy bet on 4g+

in the 10 months since the official launch of 4G business, China Unicom has lost 12million mobile users. Now, wangxiaochu, the chairman of China Unicom, who has just taken office for three months, has launched the 4g+ strategy and put the hope of turning over on technology upgrading

on December 8, China Unicom held a wo 4g+ conference in Beijing. Wang Xiaochu said that he would start from scratch. 4g+ is an upgraded version of the existing 4G network, which can provide a 300m rate, which is at least twice the 4G rate

before Wang Xiaochu, China Unicom seldom examined its strategic mistakes. At a media communication meeting in August this year, China Unicom attributed the loss of a large number of users to policy environmental factors such as the slowdown of industry growth and the pressure drop of marketing expenses. However, under the same environmental factors, the user growth of Telecom and mobile is significantly better than that of Unicom

before and after the inspection team entered Unicom at the end of 2014, the group was busy with process restructuring, and many authorities were taken over by the group. A senior manager of China Unicom told the 21st Century Business Herald that the group did not give instructions on the marketing, marketing and channel strategies that needed money, and the leaders of provincial companies did not dare to make decisions, and many of them were shelved. But mobile and Telecom can invest money through flexibility

when China Mobile and telecom invested a large amount of money in 4G, China Unicom's 4G deployment almost stagnated. To a certain extent, China Unicom hopes to compete with 4G through high-quality 3G networks, and even many provinces focus on broadband construction with less money

in the first three quarters of this year, the total number of users of China Mobile was 823million, a net increase of 16.27 million, and the number of 4G users reached 248million, a net increase of more than 157million. The total number of subscribers of Chinatelecom was 194million, a net increase of 8.72 million. The total number of users of China Unicom was 287million, a net decrease of 12million. The number of 4G subscribers of China Mobile far exceeds that of China Telecom and China Unicom combined

on December 8, wangxiaochu said at the press conference: accelerating the development of 4G and keeping up with the pace of the industry is the most critical and important strategic measure for China Unicom to implement the focus strategy

at the beginning of the job change of China Unicom, Wang Xiaochu began to prepare for the joint development of 4G services with Chinatelecom, and cooperated to build and share 4G base stations, but the Shu Wu alliance competed with China Mobile. Recently, China Unicom has preliminarily formulated the proposal on 4G network sharing between China Unicom and China Telecom, which puts forward the resource and technology sharing paths including base stations, computer rooms and transmission, and the two groups have started to prepare for the establishment of group, provincial and municipal special working groups to ensure the development of in-depth cooperation. This cooperation has greatly alleviated the cash flow dilemma of the two operators and improved the construction of new material system in the plastic industry

in addition to the network construction reform, China Unicom has also launched a huge subsidy strategy of more than 55 billion yuan. At the press conference on December 8, China Unicom announced that it would launch a total subsidy of 45billion yuan for Unicom users in 2016 through subsidy policies such as deposit and delivery. At the same time, for channel providers, Unicom will provide terminal fees and terminal contract number granting incentives. The total amount in 2016 is expected to be 10billion yuan. In addition, China Unicom will also increase subsidies for strategic models to manufacturers. The subsidy standard is 10-30 yuan/set, and the total subsidy is 1billion-2billion yuan

at present, SASAC clearly requires operators to reduce marketing expenses. China Unicom's heavy money strategy really needs great courage. After investing heavily, China Unicom hopes to sell 150million terminals in 2016, including 80million terminals supporting 4g+ to reverse the decline of 4G business

in order to improve the efficiency of terminal sales, China Unicom has also changed the long-standing customization process. Previously, manufacturers needed to install the standard production proposed by China Unicom, but now after putting forward the personalized customization scheme and the unique 4G crowdfunding production and marketing mode, China Unicom has further delegated the market decision-making power to manufacturers. In the two recent crowdfunding, China Unicom achieved sales of 4million and 5million respectively at the time of zero adjustment

in addition to China Unicom, China Telecom and China Mobile also set 4g+ as the key strategy in 2016. This time, the three operators started at the same time, and telecom and Unicom are expected to narrow the gap with mobile

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