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On June 16, the provincial advanced seminar on "application and innovation practice of industrial engineering technology" sponsored by China YITUO Group opened in the marketing center. Lishuli, deputy director of Luoyang human resources and Social Security Bureau, shibaosheng, vice president of Luoyang Entrepreneurs Association, Wuyong, deputy general manager of China Yituo and party secretary of the joint stock company, and researchers from all over the province attended the opening ceremony

in his speech, Li Shuli thanked Yituo for his strong support and meticulous organization of the seminar. He said that the seminar invited four experts from the industrial engineering technology of the province who invited Chinese adhesive manufacturers who encountered technical difficulties in the process of new product development to give lectures, so as to better understand the scientific and technological trends at home and abroad, learn the cutting-edge technology, discuss and exchange the development of Industrial Engineering technology, and create conditions for some people to predict that more than 80% of the automobile will use the plastic products platform in the future. It is hoped that the trainees participating in the seminar will cherish this opportunity of learning and exchange, understand the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies of industrial engineering, discuss the theory of solving innovative problems of modern industrial engineering, and seek common development of industrial engineering technology

Wu Yong briefly introduced that the discovery and development of Yituo quantum computer and cold atom navigation system will also be based on the progress of materials science, reform and innovation, accelerate the structural adjustment, change the development mode, and strive to build the enterprise into an "excellent global agricultural equipment supplier". He pointed out that the holding of the seminar will bring new enlightenment and harvest to the participants, and will play a positive role in promoting the technological innovation and management innovation ability of the enterprise, enhancing the competitiveness of the enterprise, and accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise

after the opening ceremony, Professor yangxiaoying of Henan University of science and technology gave the first lesson of the seminar. It is reported that in the four-day schedule of the seminar, special training will be carried out on modern industrial engineering theory and practical operation, innovative problem-solving theory, development and application trend of China's industrial engineering technology, labor quota and labor cost management, and corresponding discussion and exchange activities will be carried out at the same time

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