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Chinatelecom helped Nanjing "12345" call center

in recent years, Nanjing municipal departments and public enterprises and institutions have successively set up more than 80 mass oriented services. However, due to various reasons, it is often difficult to fight and do things. In order to solve the problems of various types of government affairs and public services, overlapping functions and difficult to fight, the Nanjing municipal Party committee and the Nanjing municipal government have been planning to establish the municipal "12345" government service call center since april2009 to integrate services at all levels in the city and form a unified external call number "12345"

the project team is composed of technical backbones deployed by Chinatelecom Jiangsu company and Nanjing Branch, and the design scheme is tailored based on the needs of the government. The Nanjing 12345 government service call platform is a working network composed of manual reception (front desk), appeal handling and disposal agencies (member units) and Supervision Center (back desk). The front desk is responsible for receiving, answering, transferring, urging, revisiting, statistics, archiving and other functions, The backstage is responsible for command and coordination, assignment, supervision, inspection, notification, assessment, accountability and other functions

at the same time, 12345 will become a government affairs and public service center, and form a complete public service system together with 110 emergency alarm and help, and the services of various industries and enterprises for the convenience of the people. Thus, a government public service system covering the whole city, resource sharing, system interconnection, mutual cooperation, convenience, efficiency and strong guarantee will be formed. Each service in the system has its own emphasis, complements and interacts with each other. The scheme has been approved by Nanjing municipal Party committee and Nanjing municipal government. Finally, the "12345" government service call center in Nanjing was provided with telephone outsourcing services and technical support by Chinatelecom Jiangsu company. It adopted various access methods such as fixed, Internet, fax, SMS, etc., and accepted citizens' appeals 24 hours a day

handling problems through multiple channels and properly solving citizens' problems

12345 how do many government ministries and commissions form an organic whole to quickly deal with problems and improve efficiency? According to the relevant person of Chinatelecom Jiangsu company, the telephone operator has three ways to deal with the questions or complaints raised by the public. One is that the telephone operator uses the knowledge base to answer them, the other is to solve them through three-party calls with the member units, and the third is to send them to each member unit after the work order is entered and approved. No matter which way to solve the problem, telephone operators need to be familiar with the business knowledge of various government departments, understand relevant laws and regulations, and be able to quickly make handling methods according to the information communicated by citizens. Therefore, Chinatelecom Jiangsu company started recruiting 12345 telephone operators last year. According to relevant sources, the recruitment process includes determining recruitment needs, reviewing job descriptions, determining recruitment channels, resume screening, testing, written examination, interview, issuing employment notices, and summarizing recruitment. Listening test and psychological test are also added in the interview, which can comprehensively measure whether candidates are suitable for municipal government service

after recruitment, Chinatelecom Jiangsu company will carry out large-scale training for telephone operators. According to relevant sources, the operator training includes many aspects. On the one hand, 12345 call center requires member units to give lectures. It has successively invited leaders and business experts from more than 20 ministries and commissions, including the municipal Party committee preparation office, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the municipal human resources and social security Bureau, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, the municipal housing and Construction Commission, the Municipal Health Bureau, the Municipal Transportation Bureau, and the municipal provident fund management center, to give lectures and answer questions on the spot, so that each operator can understand the functions of the government We have a clear and accurate understanding of the process. At the same time, Chinatelecom Jiangsu company has strengthened the training of operation skills, including Chinese character and number input, system operation, work order filling and circulation, business data search, actual call handling (i.e. actual answering), etc

the relevant person in charge of Chinatelecom Jiangsu company told us that we require every operator to start from connecting with every citizen and answering every consultation and appeal of the masses, truly receive the masses with true feelings, put himself in the masses' consideration, treat the hopes, needs and demands of the masses with enthusiasm, and really worry about the masses' anxieties and think about the masses' thoughts

12345 since its opening, in the face of citizens' help in case of emergencies or emergencies, telephone operators have won unanimous praise from the citizens of our city for their timely and in place information transmission, efficient and accurate communication and coordination. On january18,2011, the daughter of a seriously ill old man in Lishui called. The old man wanted to transfer from the intensive care unit of Lishui hospital and needed a 120 ambulance with a ventilator. However, the ambulance in Nanjing city was running at full capacity. After hearing this, the call center immediately contacted the Nanjing Municipal Health Bureau. After a few minutes of communication and coordination, a 120 ambulance with a ventilator roared to Lishui, successfully winning time for the elderly to save their lives

a complete emergency plan ensures that 12345 is unblocked at all times.

in order to deal with the traffic peak that may occur after an emergency, Chinatelecom Jiangsu and Chinatelecom Nanjing Branch, a specific experimental force, have taken precautions and carefully responded. From the very beginning, Jiangsu Telecom Customer Service No. 10000 professional shift arranger helped Nanjing 12345 government service call center to arrange shifts, which systematically ensured that 12345 was always unblocked

in addition to the shift scheduling arranged according to the traffic volume, Chinatelecom Jiangsu company has established an emergency professional echelon. When the call center operators are still unable to cope with the sudden traffic peak, the relevant support personnel will immediately check in on the stage to continue, that is, the "team leader and station head + work order dispatcher + training, knowledge base administrator + quality inspection" personnel. At the same time, Chinatelecom has set up an emergency team of 12 people out of the existing 10000 customer service personnel in Jiangsu Province. At ordinary times, it arranges 12345 basic business training, which is checked in as emergency support during busy hours. In addition, in case of such a large volume of traffic and work orders, Chinatelecom Jiangsu company and Chinatelecom Nanjing Branch have also established an emergency plan, which will timely ask the emergency dispatcher of member units to ensure that the 12345 front desk transfer is smooth and the work orders can be handled in time

in order to better serve the public, Chinatelecom Jiangsu company has established a complete set of work systems. The supervision center of the call center organizes outsourcing professional communication companies and relevant member units to hold a "12345" call center service regular meeting every quarter to summarize and exchange the phased work, discuss and study relevant issues, and arrange and deploy the work of the next phase. The above meetings can be held temporarily according to work needs

at the same time, the supervision center compiles and issues a monthly briefing to reflect the characteristics and laws of people's appeals, the progress and quality of handling appeals by the reception desk and member units, as well as important social conditions, public opinion and information, and report to the leading group for the preparation of the municipal "12345" government service call center and municipal leaders at any time

outsourcing services, Nanjing Telecom launched a number of businesses to the market

"the 12345 government service call center we built for the Nanjing municipal government is actually an important part of Chinatelecom's outsourcing services." According to a relevant person from Chinatelecom Nanjing Branch, the provincial telecom call service center is one of the five major service outsourcing industrial bases of Chinatelecom, and has the ability to provide service outsourcing and offshore outsourcing for customers in Jiangsu and even the whole country. At present, Chinatelecom Jiangsu call service platform has nearly 5000 seats. In addition to providing support and high-quality services for more than 10 public welfare such as labor consulting service guarantee, taxpayer service, health public welfare and tourism, it also cooperates with the government to attract investment and has successively undertaken the offshore outsourcing business of many well-known enterprises. At present, there are hundreds of service outsourcing customers and thousands of signed industrial seats

according to the introduction, Chinatelecom provides customers with integrated call center outsourcing professional services, including resource leasing services, business process outsourcing (BPO), expansion services, etc., which mainly meet the needs of customers' product sales, user services, market research, business consulting, e-commerce and remote disaster recovery of call centers. Chinatelecom Nanjing Branch has many years of experience in call center operation and management. It has cultivated a large number of high-quality outsourcing service talents with itinerary spread as shown in Figure 1. It has formed a complete set of management standards with a perfect system, and provides customers with professional call center management consulting services, including organizational structure setting, career development evaluation, personnel dispatch cooperation, etc. In terms of system integration services, Chinatelecom has several independent call center platforms. In the process of platform construction, Chinatelecom Nanjing Branch has carried out many domestic and international excellent call center equipment evaluations and accumulated rich experience in call center construction bidding

according to the relevant person of Chinatelecom Nanjing Branch, in addition to the call center, Chinatelecom also provides a variety of service outsourcing services for enterprises, institutions and other customers. In terms of network communication integration, it includes integrated services such as network (WAN, LAN, VPN) equipment, network security, PBX, computer room intelligent wiring and renovation; In terms of network application integration 2. Outstanding electrical insulation and water resistance, including integrated services such as call center, video (conference, monitoring) system and network security application; In the aspect of industry application integration, it system integration includes OA office system, collaborative work, e-commerce, industry application and other integration services, as well as Lingtong SMS industry application and other integration services; In terms of internal application system construction, it provides integrated solutions such as voice, video and enterprise information systems

"today, with the rapid expansion of the enterprise, we need to integrate various resources, concentrate on what we are good at, and hand over what we are not good at to professional companies to seek common rapid development." Last week, the person in charge of a well-known circulation enterprise in our city told us that the enterprise outsourced data center, network and other businesses to Chinatelecom Nanjing Branch, and even outsourced mail, security encryption, video conference and other derivative services to Nanjing Telecom. According to the person in charge of relevant enterprises, various resources of Chinatelecom Nanjing branch are used to establish an information support platform for enterprises. On the one hand, it meets the needs of rapid expansion of enterprises and provides high-standard and high-quality information services for enterprise development; At the same time, it reduces the one-time investment of enterprises in information investment, and distributes the limited funds of enterprises more reasonably, thus producing the maximum benefits

create a professional and efficient call center platform

tips: "I'm the 12345 operator. Please report any questions you have..." "we'll transfer your questions to the relevant departments in time. I wish you a happy..." a few days ago, as soon as we walked into the "12345" government service call center on the third floor of the Telecom Building on Jiangdong middle road in Nanjing, ringing tones, operator communication and operator keystrokes were heard one after another

the relevant person in charge of Nanjing call center said: "since March, the city's 12345 government has continued to heat up, with a maximum of more than 10000 calls per day, which reflects the full trust of the general public in our government and truly realizes the original intention of" dial 12345 if you have difficulties finding the government. "

under the test of huge traffic pressure, 12345 in our city is hot but not hot. The connection rate and satisfaction rate remain at a high level, which is in a leading position compared with the call centers in similar cities in China. All of this has benefited from the cooperation of Chinatelecom Jiangsu company and Chinatelecom South

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