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China will become the main manufacturer of medical device parts and moulds in the United States since 2014, the United States has officially entered the era of universal medical insurance, and the prices of common drugs and common medical devices will drop by 50%, prompting American medical device manufacturers to seek partners overseas, develop overseas production bases, and purchase cheap and good medical device parts. Since 2014, the United States has officially entered the era of universal medical insurance, and the prices of common drugs and common medical devices will drop by 50%, prompting American medical device manufacturers to seek partners overseas, develop overseas production bases, and purchase cheap and good medical device components. China will become a major producer of medical device components in the United States. It is urgent to establish a national high-end medical device expert database and accelerate the formation of medical device industry groups

On march21,2010, the US House of Representatives passed the health care reform bill with 219 votes in favor and 212 votes against. The largest health care bill in the history of the United States was passed by the house of Representatives. Its significance is that the United States has officially entered the era of universal health care. From 2014, 32million people without medical insurance in the United States will receive medical insurance. In 2014, the U.S. medical insurance plan will cover 95% of the population in the United States, an increase of 12% compared with 83% now. It can be said that in 2014, the U.S. medical insurance plan will basically cover all Americans and initially achieve the goal of universal health insurance, which is the center of the health insurance reform implemented by the Obama administration. The new medical insurance act of the United States has established a system of compulsory medical insurance for the public, that is, under the new law, almost everyone must buy medical insurance. If they do not buy medical insurance, they will be fined, but low-income people can be exempted. People who do not purchase medical insurance will pay a fine to the federal government from 2014, which is $695 per year for individuals, with a ceiling of $2085 or a fine of 2.5% of family income

under the new law, from 2011 to 2019, pharmaceutical manufacturers will pay a new tax of US $16billion to the federal government. It has won the "bioplastic Innovation Award" issued by the American Plastics Industry Association. Medical insurance companies will pay a new tax of US $47billion. From 2013, any equipment sold by medical equipment manufacturing companies will be subject to a sales tax of 2.9%. The new act forces large American enterprises to find low-cost production bases or medical device parts, which provides a major development opportunity for China's medical devices

at present, the haze of the economic crisis has not cleared up, countries are still implementing fiscal tightening policies, and the United States has also implemented new equipment tax policies. With the acceleration of global aging, patients' demand for medical devices and equipment is increasing. According to the famous Kalorama research company, it is estimated that the global sales of medical devices and equipment will reach US $415billion in 2016, while the total sales of the global medical device market in 2011 was only US $322billion. The United States is still the world's largest medical device market, and its potential is also the largest

after the new Obama administration took office, it recently convened the CEOs of the top pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical device manufacturers in the United States to ask them to reduce the prices of common drugs and common medical devices by 50% to contribute to the funding gap of the U.S. medical insurance plan in 2014. In this case, American medical device manufacturers will be prompted to seek partners overseas, develop overseas production bases, and purchase medical device components with low price and good quality. Robert Bradway, CEO of Amgen, the world's largest biotech pharmaceutical company, came to Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province to inspect potential production and cooperation bases

through investigation in Zhejiang Province and Shenzhen City, luobaihui, Secretary General of the International Mold Association, found that the medical device mold industry in Zhejiang Province and the electronic industry in Shenzhen will bring China a huge export market for medical device parts. According to the calculation that the ordering price of medical device parts is 1/3 of the sales price, the global medical device parts market in 2016 was US $138.3 billion

among the national mold industrial parks, Zhejiang Province ranks first. Zhejiang Mold Industrial Park, such as Yuyao mold City, Ninghai mold City, Jinhua Zhezhong mold City, Shenzhou mold City, Yongkang mold City, Beilun mold city and Huangyan mold city; Jiangsu Mold Industrial Park, such as Changzhou Yangtze River Delta mold City, Kunshan International Mold City, Shitailong International Mold City, Jiangsu Mold Industrial Experimental Zone in Kunshan, Yushan mold City, and Suzhou International Mold City; In the mold industrial park of Guangdong Province, Qingyuan China mold machinery manufacturing equipment Industrial Park, Dongguan Chang'an international machinery mold Hardware City, Dongguan Hengli mold City, Foshan mold City, Shunde Shanggang mold city. After investigating Yuyao mold City, Luo Baihui found that China has the ability to produce some core medical device molds. As most of the mold enterprises in Yuyao are small and medium-sized enterprises, although they have their own capabilities, they do not have European and American production standards and quality control, so the product quality needs to be improved. The mold enterprises in Yuyao should pay attention to product quality and certification. Medical devices have particularly high requirements for safety and effectiveness, and government supervision is very important. Enterprises engaged in medical devices must pass ISO9000, ISO13485 and other certifications. By making moulds for foreign medical device manufacturers, the product quality can be improved. Export enterprises should pass ISO14000, CE certification, FDA certification, UL certification, etc. the threshold for these certifications is very high; It is precisely because of such certification that the medical device component products of Yuyao mold city can be promoted to a higher and higher level. The government should give special support policies, especially the tax subsidy policies, such as the tax policy for the software industry or the tax policy for 75% of the local tax revenue. Whether Yuyao can replicate the second Yiwu, become a domestic large-scale medical device mold manufacturing center, and develop into a world-class medical device mold distribution center depends on the support of Yuyao municipal government and the confidence of local entrepreneurs

from a global perspective, the market has an increasing demand for medical electronic products, especially the rapid growth in the demand for high-end products such as computed tomography scanner, magnetic resonance instrument and high-end ultrasonic diagnostic instrument, which has driven the expansion of the global medical electronic market. Almost all medical devices are inseparable from electronic technology. The cost of medical equipment is more than 10% or more of the cost of medical electronic components. The annual inspection of China Medical Instrument Industry Association shows that in CT medical imaging equipment, electronic components account for 11% of the total cost; In medical materials such as catheters, electronic components and materials account for more than 40% Driven by such favorable factors as China's sustained and healthy economic development and the country's increasing emphasis on the construction of the whole social medical service system, China's medical electronic market will continue to grow steadily in the next few years, with an average annual compound growth rate of about 20%. China's electronic information industry includes Pearl River Delta electronic industry circle, Yangtze River Delta electronic industry circle and Bohai Rim electronic industry circle

from the production of electronic components of medical devices, Shenzhen may have advantages. First, Shenzhen has a strong electronic industry and information industry. In addition to its own efforts and the promotion of market demand, the development of medical electronic products in Shenzhen is largely due to the rapid development of Shenzhen's powerful electronic industry and information industry. Because electronic enterprises have overlapping industrial chains, Shenzhen's medical electronics industry can benefit from the rapid development of ready-made industrial chains; Second, there are many kinds of medical devices in Shenzhen, which have a high market share in some product fields. For example, medical imaging equipment such as nuclear magnetic resonance, B-ultrasound, patient monitor, blood cell analyzer, biochemical analyzer, interventional catheter stent, orthopaedic products, electronic sphygmomanometer, etc. are all the top products in the medical device industry in Shenzhen; Moreover, many of these products are exported in large quantities, and some products occupy a leading position in the country

the organic combination of the medical device component industry chain in Zhejiang Province and the medical device electronic component industry chain in Shenzhen will produce a new generation of medical device assembly industry chain with Apple's similar integrated innovation model, and will become a huge industry chain like an automobile within this year; In about a decade, half of the components of American medical devices will be made in China

problems to be solved urgently

China is lack of General Assembly engineers for medical devices and equipment. Among the Chinese who go to the United States to study, only about 2% are engaged in assembly engineering, so even if they all return to work in China, the number is not enough. We can hire some foreign assembly engineers to work in China for years to train our own domestic assembly engineers. At present, universities are setting up some translational medicine research institutes, which can entrust the translational medicine research institutes of universities to train a group of assembly engineers

the thousand talents plan did not pay attention to the selection of medical device entrepreneurial talents. In january2013, during the discussion at the second member congress of the expert fellowship of the thousand talents program held in Hangzhou, it was found that the biomedical group of the national thousand talents program had four groups in selecting entrepreneurial talents, but there was no special medical device group. Instead, the medical device talents were allocated to the drug review group. In this way, because there is no special medical device expert, some excellent medical device experts are not selected in time, which partially affects the development of medical devices. Due to the small investment and high success rate of medical device enterprises (the successful listing took years); However, drug manufacturing enterprises have large investment and low success rate (it will take years, and only some enterprises can be listed). Therefore, the over selection of drug experts into the thousand talents plan will also lead to the low overall industrialization success rate of the experts in the thousand talents plan of biomedicine. To this end, the experts of the thousand talents plan of Zhejiang Province established the medical device expert group of the thousand talents plan in 2012 to provide consulting services for medical device enterprises and governments in Zhejiang Province

there will be certain changes in the physical properties of the resin at the national level: 1,3-butanediene can provide "me" with low-temperature ductility and impact resistance, and there is a lack of experts who really understand the production and manufacturing of medical devices. In the pharmaceutical field, China has a strong talent reserve in the pharmaceutical industry, while there are few top talents in medical devices. In China, there are only a few academicians in the field of medical devices, and only a dozen medical device experts of the thousand person plan who can truly pass the registration certificate of the food and drug administration. At present, our country does not really attach importance to the manufacturing of medical devices. A national medical device expert once said that our country is not able to manufacture high-end medical devices. Areas such as the middle beam table and workbench of the electronic universal experimental machine need to pay attention to moisture-proof and moisture-proof equipment; In fact, the degree of attention is not enough. We can manufacture satellites, large aircraft, high-speed rail and aircraft carriers. The level of these technologies is much higher than that of medical devices. Why can't we use the manufacturing mode of satellites, large aircraft, high-speed rail and aircraft carriers? Judging from the fact that apple, the best product, is produced and assembled in China, the overall level of production and assembly of medical devices in China should not be poor. Through joint efforts, the medical device experts of the thousand talents plan of Zhejiang Province are preparing for the high-end medical device assembly Research Institute and the medical device assembly base in Hangzhou future city to solve the above problems