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How to choose and buy the rubber and plastic waterproof sleeve for Ning'an cable

how to choose and buy the rubber and plastic waterproof sleeve for Ning'an cable, "11okcouaq7"

how to choose and buy the rubber and plastic waterproof sleeve for Ning'an cable

is a professional manufacturer of double flange expansion joint, double flange limit expansion joint, double flange loose sleeve limit expansion joint. If the wall where the flexible waterproof casing passes through the wall is not concrete, the concrete wall should be used instead, and the casing must be solidified in the wall for the second time; Flexible waterproof casing is widely used in construction, chemical industry, steel, tap water and sewage treatment. The selection or working hours of waterproof casing in units should meet the requirements of pipeline design conditions and installation. It can be seen from this that the wall thickness and axial thrust of casing should be confirmed by the structural engineer. Structures with vibration or strict waterproof requirements where the waterproof casing passes through the wall. The proportion of asbestos cement, curing and protection of the filler of rigid waterproof casing meet the requirements of article in the specification. This can avoid the early damage of the product and the weakening of the use effect

waterproof jacket toilet waterproof casing pipe weight table pipe end should be marked with a depth line, rigid waterproof casing sheet waterproof casing specification parameters have high economic benefits, rigid type to sum up, it is not difficult to know, the type of rigid waterproof casing corresponding to the nominal diameter of the steel pipe passing through is. The role of rigid waterproof casing in industrial buildings, the performance characteristics of waterproof casing itself, including high hardness, good sealing, high compression strength and durability. The outlet pipe that requires the water supply tank and pool to pass through the outer wall is generally called flexible waterproof casing. The difference between the two is that they are used in different places. It is specialized in producing pin double flange expansion joint double flange limit expansion joint double flange loose sleeve limit expansion joint

the installation position of the waterproof casing should avoid the settlement joint, expansion joint or a structure (building) close to each other as far as possible. After the completion of the waterproof casing part, the outer wall should be painted with primer (the primer includes camphor or cold primer oil. It is strictly forbidden to exceed the displacement of the flexible rubber joint during installation. If you design to install this product on the near end of the outlet of the water pump or the corner * position and the high-pressure building is suspended, there must be a fixed support or a fixed bracket when using this product. The force on the fixed support and the fixed bracket must be greater than the axial force, otherwise the product should be installed with an anti pull limit device. Improve the nominal straightness of the rigid waterproof sleeve The diameter also corresponds to the nominal diameter of the steel pipe passing through one by one, and the corresponding relationship is the steel pipe with rigid waterproof casing. Therefore, it is envisaged. When making steel casing or iron sheet casing for water supply and drainage pipes through floors and internal walls, you should choose the larger one. Flexible waterproof casing is generally suitable for wearing 2 Jinan assaying technology requires structures that are subject to vibration or strict waterproof requirements at the place where the wall passes, and are used for shock absorption pipelines

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double flange loose sleeve limit expansion joints are welded by certified welders, and all products shall have uniform and full welds without water leakage. Special cases must be selected by the structural engineer. When installing the flange rubber joint, the reinforcing rings at both ends of the ball must be made (protruding * the inner rigid wire rope is fully * clamped into the flange groove to prevent the ball from pulling off with the flange when under pressure. See the relevant municipal regulations for the filling and striking operation of linoleum and asbestos cement and the rigid interface practice of cast iron pipe. For example, DN100 pipe and casing generally choose DN150 flexible waterproof casing. Waterproof casing also uses these characteristics in industrial buildings to play a role in the pipeline. Type double flange loose sleeve limit expansion joint products are licensed The welder shall weld all products to ensure that the weld is even and full without water leakage

when the material and outer diameter of the through wall pipe are beyond the scope, attention should be paid to the necessary adjustment and correction of the structural form and size of the waterproof casing and the filler used in the gap. The production preparation process of the expansion joint refers to the production technology preparation process before the expansion device of the force transmission joint is put into production. When installing bolts, tighten the symmetrical bolts (strips or strips) first to ensure that the ball is fully * in place on the flange. When there is corrosive groundwater at the installation site, corrosive soil or medium, asphalt anticorrosive coating or anticorrosive coating applied to the outer surface of asbestos cement shall be applied to the structure (building). Rigid waterproof casing plays a role of protection and compensation for the pipeline in use in industrial buildings. This type is suitable for steel pipes

the product has the advantages of convenient installation, superior performance and long service life. Flexible waterproof casing is mainly used in places with high requirements such as civil air defense walls and pools. When the pipeline crosses the wall longitudinally when passing through the underground inspection well, the waterproof casing must meet the requirements of the longitudinal device during installation. If you want the rigid waterproof casing to play a good compensation role in industrial buildings, pay extra attention to the following problems during installation. It can be seen that the thickness of the casing pipe is, the outer diameter of the casing pipe is, and the outer diameter of the steel pipe through is. Before the installation of flexible waterproof casing and rigid waterproof wing ring, the wall pipe shall be fully welded with the periphery of the wing ring and placed in place before concrete pouring. Such as technical process equipment, raw materials and materials preparation, labor organization preparation and ideological preparation

the product has the advantages of convenient installation, superior performance and long service life. Several explanations about the accuracy of waterproof casing. When the flexible rubber joint is connected with the flange, the bolt screw rod should extend to the flange end to prevent the thread from arching * crushing or stabbing the rubber joint when it is compressed and expanded. The bolts at each end must be pressed and tightened symmetrically to clamp the sample vertically. All bolts should be loose and tight. In addition to the leveling pad, spring washers should be added to prevent the nut from loosening in the field with poor service conditions. The above is the size of each part corresponding to the type rigid waterproof casing. Deformation is allowed after installation. This product has high-quality sealant strip to ensure its waterproof effect. The rigid waterproof wing ring is applicable to the structure that is not subject to vibration and expansion at the wall (the building is applicable to the space at the wall or the installation of its products, including the daily necessities often seen in ordinary life, prior to the transformation of the structure (the building or)

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