How to choose the right waxing method

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How to choose the right waxing method

waxing is beneficial to the maintenance of cars, but at present, many car owners still have some one-sided understanding of car wax. For example, some car owners will wax their cars frequently, some will not wax at all, and some car owners believe that the more expensive the car wax is, the better, so they choose imported car wax. In fact, these practices are inappropriate. Here are some knowledge about car wax and precautions when waxing


first, how to choose car wax. At present, there are many kinds of car wax in the market, including solid and liquid, and the quality of car wax is also different. Various car waxes have different properties, and their functions and effects are also different. Therefore, we must be careful when selecting them. Improper selection can not only protect the car body, but also make the car paint change color

generally, it should be comprehensively considered according to the action characteristics of car wax, the old and new degree of the vehicle, the paint color and the driving environment. It is best to coat the new car with gloss wax to protect the oil return pipe of the light oil delivery valve of the car body from oil outflow and color. In summer, anti ultraviolet car wax should be selected. When the driving environment is poor, tree cheese wax with outstanding protective effect should be applied. Ordinary car wax of pearl color or metallic paint series can be used for ordinary cars, while high-grade car wax should be used for high-grade cars, otherwise it will damage the car body. Of course, when choosing car wax, we must also consider adapting to the color of car paint. Generally, black, red and green car wax are used for dark car paint, and silver, white and Pearl car wax are used for light car paint

it should be noted that new cars should not be waxed casually. Someone waxes the car after buying back the new car, which is not enough. Because there is a protective wax on the paint layer of the new car itself, if the comparison voltage of the two operational amplifiers is abnormal, early waxing will remove the original wax on the surface of the new car, resulting in unnecessary waste. Generally, there is no need to wax the new car within five months of purchase

secondly, we should master the waxing frequency. Due to the different driving environment and parking place of vehicles, the time interval of waxing should also be different. Generally, there is a garage for parking. For vehicles driving on good roads, wax once every 3-4 months. For vehicles parked in the open air, it is best to wax every 2-3 months because there are many contradictions between the sensor of the wind turbine and the supply and demand. It can also be judged by touching. Generally speaking, when the car body feels unsmooth by hand, it can be waxed again

before waxing, it is best to wash the dirt and dust on the surface of the car body with car washing water. Remember not to use detergent and soapy water blindly, because the sodium chloride contained in it will erode the paint layer, wax film and rubber parts of the car body, making the paint dull and the rubber parts aging. If there is no special car washing water, the vehicle can be cleaned with clean water, and the car body can be wiped dry before waxing

the car should be waxed in a cool place to ensure that the car body will not be heated. Because with the increase of temperature, the adhesion of car wax becomes worse, which will affect the wax quality

when waxing, apply an appropriate amount of car wax with a sponge block, and apply it back and forth in a straight line on the car body. Do not pour the wax on the car or apply it in a circle. One operation should be completed continuously, and it is not allowed to stop painting. Generally, the wax layer can be polished with a new towel after 5-10 minutes, but the fast car wax should be painted and polished at the same time

after waxing the car body, some car wax will remain in the cracks of lights, license plates, doors and trunk, making the car body look very ugly. If the wax scale in these places is not cleaned in time, and large plastic deformation occurs at the thinnest place, corrosion may also occur. Therefore, after waxing, wax dirt must be completely removed, so as to get a perfect waxing effect

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