How to choose water purifier correctly

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How to choose water purifier correctly

the right way to buy water purifiers: with the advent of the festival, friends begin to give gifts to each other if the number of bits of AD converter, that is, the resolution is low. This year, water purifiers have become a healthy and affordable gift. What should consumers pay attention to when purchasing water purifiers

(I) check whether the product has a license for sanitary 35 reinforcement cone rib joint

recently, the media exposed that less than half of the more than 3000 water purifier manufacturers in China have obtained hygiene licenses, and the rest are "black factories". The product names and models written on the approval documents should be consistent, because even in licensed enterprises, there is a situation of "multiple use of one license", that is, when multiple product models use one health license approval document, everyone must check it clearly

(II) check whether the filter element is suitable

the first generation water purifier is mainly through simple filtration of activated carbon and ceramics, which is easy to breed bacteria and pollute the water source, and cannot achieve the effect of clean water source; The second generation water purifier uses various artificial polymer membranes for filtration, which is effective in removing harmful substances in water, but its fatal defect is that it filters out trace elements that are beneficial to the body. As a third-generation water purifier, qinerkang adopts nano microcrystalline filter technology, which solves the defects of the second-generation water purifier and filters out harmful substances and heavy metals in water

(III) check whether there is a safe and effective sterilization technology

the Ministry of health exposed eight unqualified water quality processors in July last year, all of which were caused by the total number of bacteria in the water purifier exceeding the standard. At present, water purification equipment adopts two ways to sterilize. One is to add disinfectant, which can kill some bacteria, but the disinfectant contains trace chemical components that are harmful to human health. The second is ultraviolet sterilization. Ultraviolet sterilization technology is internationally recognized as one of the most effective sterilization technologies, because ultraviolet sterilization is safe and efficient, and can quickly kill almost all bacteria; And ultraviolet sterilization adopts physical principles, without any chemical agents, and will not have side effects on the human body. For example, qinerkang water purifier adopts ultraviolet sterilization technology and has obtained relevant national patent certificates

(IV) check whether there is a perfect after-sales service system

after sales of the water purifier mainly focuses on the replacement of the filter element. If the filter element is not replaced for a long time, the water source will be polluted, and the water purifier will also become a "sewage purifier". When choosing a water purifier, we must choose perfect after-sales service, such as using the customer service system of more than 1million pieces per year to track customer information and prompt customers and companies to replace filter elements

in addition, remind consumers to be vigilant against being cheated by MLM companies. Some MLM companies deceive consumers that aquatic products have the effect of treating diseases. Water purification products are not medical devices, and the water purified by water purifiers is not "divine water" that can cure all diseases. Consumers should not be credulous and exaggerate propaganda

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