How to choose torque limiter for crane

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How to choose moment limiter for crane

lifting equipment is a dangerous DD on the construction site φ 32.60 dd φ 32.75 dd φ 32.90 dd φ 33.05 once an accident occurs to the equipment, it often causes serious consequences of mass death and injury. Therefore, the safety of hoisting equipment has always been paid attention to by relevant departments. Torque limiter is one of the most important safety protection devices of crane. Practice proves 3 The working frequency of the testing machine is not higher than 500 times/min. the correct selection and maintenance of the crane torque limiter can reduce or even eliminate major accidents caused by overload and over amplitude of the lifting equipment, and ensure the safe operation of the lifting equipment

the history of designing and producing torque limiters in China is not long. Before 1990, torque limiters were mostly mechanical; Because there are no rules to follow, its reliability is generally poor. Since the National Bureau of Technical Supervision issued the "safety technical code for crane torque limiter" in 1990, there have been clear standards, specifications and methods for the design, identification and acceptance of this device

torque limiter has developed rapidly in recent years, showing the following characteristics: the host is becoming more and more integrated and intelligent; The display adopts multi window and large screen; The latest product adds the black box function, which can record the real-time operation of the crane; The remote monitoring function based on IOT can monitor the working condition data of crane in real time and remotely; The appearance is more exquisite; The installation and adjustment are simple, and the reliability of the product has been greatly improved

in the domestic market, the torque limiter product of Yichang Weite Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. whose wtl-a220 tower crane remote monitoring torque limiter has mature integrated the above functions, and has received excellent practical application feedback after being put into the market

nevertheless, the author believes that there are still many areas worthy of improvement in the torque limiter on the market at present. Specifically, there are two aspects. First, the improvement of the primary components of the torque limiter, such as sensors, photoelectric encoders and circuit plug-ins, because the primary components are mostly purchased and outsourced products by manufacturers that make their actions insensitive, due to the uneven quality of their own products, it is easy to affect the function of the whole system due to local deficiencies. The solution to the problem is that the manufacturer should carefully select the primary components, test and compare them for many times, so as to achieve optimal combination and meet the requirements of system performance to the greatest extent; Second, people in the Department urgently need an efficient, energy-saving and safe waste plastic granulator and advanced technology to improve the ecological environment. The manufacturer's weight sensing device design is not reliable for a long time. For example, the display of the instrument is very accurate during acceptance, but there is a deviation after months, which often leads to the failure of the whole system of the torque limiter and affects the reliability of the system

at present, there are many kinds of torque limiters in the market. The author believes that when selecting torque limiters, in addition to the characteristics of the crane type of this unit, the basic principles that should be followed are as follows: quality and performance first, price second, domestic first

the quality and performance of the torque limiter directly affect the use, which is the basic principle for the selection of the torque limiter, while domestic products are mainly due to the fast and considerate after-sales service of domestic manufacturers, providing a convenient way for later use and modification

pay attention to the following matters when maintaining the torque limiter:

1. The power supply, overload and over amplitude connecting lines are concentrated in the control box. Pay attention to the connector label when folding the connecting line of the control box, so as to avoid damaging the output port of the instrument by connecting the wrong line

2. When off duty, turn off the power supply of the host to prevent the electronic components from aging under high temperature for a long time; Be sure to avoid direct exposure of the display instrument to the sun and rain; Non maintenance personnel should not adjust the keys of the instrument surface analysis and the adjusting bolts of the power take-off device at will. In case of any abnormality, professional technicians should deal with the fault according to the methods provided in the manual. If it is still impossible to eliminate it, they should consult the manufacturer

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