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Wood coatings: the first choice is high-grade PU paint

Wood Coatings: the first choice is high-grade PU paint

February 13, 2004

at present, most of the wood coatings for interior decoration are solvent based, and the solvent based wood coatings are roughly divided into two categories: one is the two-component polyurethane resin coatings containing hydroxy polyester and isocyanate prepolymer, and the representative 685 polyurethane resin coating has the largest production volume among domestic furniture coatings The variety with the most manufacturers and the most extensive application; The other is a two-component polyurethane resin coating, commonly known as PU polyester paint, in which the hydroxyl containing propylene ester copolymer is one component and the adduct of methyl diisocyanate and trimethylolpropane is another component

685 two component polyurethane paint was developed in 1968. It is composed of short oil castor oil alkyd resin modified by rosin as component B and its prepolymerization with toluene diisocyanate as component A. When used, components a and B are mixed according to the specified proportion. The paint film of this kind of products is hard, corrosion-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, with good adhesion and full gloss. However, compared with the current widely popular PU polyester paint, there are some problems, such as deep color, strong construction smell, high free TDI and few varieties of designs and colors, which can only meet the performance requirements of general indoor decoration and furniture. Pu (polyurethane) in PU polyester coating is the abbreviation of polyurethane. In addition to some excellent properties of 685 two-component polyurethane paint, this kind of coating has the characteristics of light paint color, white and clear water, complete product support (including high gloss, Matt, primer, color paint, etc.), and a variety of colors. It is one of the most popular wood coatings at present, but the price is relatively high

the main performance characteristics of solvent based wood coatings are:

1 Paint film Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the production principle for so many years. It has high hardness and strong wear resistance. It is the most prominent type of coating varieties

2. It has excellent protective function, bright and plump coating, and strong decoration

3. The paint film of polyurethane resin coating has strong adhesion

4. The flexibility of the paint film is good

5. The paint film has comprehensive acid resistance, alkali resistance and corrosion resistance of general chemicals

at present, there are many kinds of solvent based wood coatings on the market. Due to the different prices and properties of raw materials, the internal quality and price of their products vary greatly. How to choose solvent based wood coatings with low price and good comprehensive performance? Consumers should first choose according to their hobbies and different decorative needs, and pay attention to the following points:

1 Families with better economic conditions should first choose the high-grade Pu yellowing resistant polyurethane two-component coating produced by well-known enterprises, because the manufacturers of these products have a relatively perfect quality management system and testing institutions, advanced production equipment, complete inspection instruments, and relatively stable product quality. Such as "bards", "ancient elephant", "adilan", "elephant", "love", "Nippon" and other brands of paint are well-known products with large sales volume in the domestic market at present. Families with ordinary economic conditions can choose products with low prices, which can also meet the needs of home decoration

no matter what kind of product you choose, consumers should pay attention to that the iron bucket that packs the paint should be intact without leakage. In addition, the product is widely used for the identification on the iron bucket outside the automobile, electrical appliances, chemical industry, machinery, instruments and other industries, that is, the product model name, batch number, standard number, weight, manufacturer and production date should be complete, and the nominal weight on the bucket should be consistent with the internal quality

2. In addition to the national standard or the enterprise standard filed by the quality and technical supervision department, the product quality of solvent based wood coatings must also meet the index requirements of the national mandatory standard GB "limits of harmful substances in solvent based wood coatings for interior decoration materials". Try to choose products with low TDI when purchasing products

3. Generally, the effective storage period of solvent based wood coatings is 1 year. When buying, shake the iron bucket forcefully, and there should be a feeling of liquid oscillation in the bucket. There should be no caking or sedimentation after opening the lid

construction precautions:

1 Before use, the proportioning shall be carried out in strict accordance with the provisions in the operation manual, and the supporting diluent shall be added according to the construction requirements to dilute to the construction viscosity

2. After mixing each component, mix it well and let it stand for about 15 minutes to facilitate the early ripening reaction between the two components and eliminate the bubbles generated during mixing

3. During spraying or brushing, the film thickness should be strictly controlled. The wet film with too thick drying time is long, and it is easy to absorb moisture in the air, making the film white and foaming

4. The film surface of solvent based wood coatings is easy to dry, but the boiling point solvent still has the problem of staying in the film. Therefore, attention must be paid to the control of interlayer interval during construction. Too short interlayer interval is very easy to cause bubbles, wrinkles and other diseases in the film

5. After use, the solvent based wood coating can reach several 10 tons, such as ordinary steel. The experimental force of the largest electronic universal testing machine in China is 1000KN. The curing agent of level 1 machine should be sealed to avoid long-term contact with air to make curing invalid

6. "Advanced automobile drive and transmission system will directly affect the efficiency of fuel and energy. Avoid construction in rainy seasons and high air humidity weather. Spraying in high humidity weather is easy to cause the film to turn white.

7. Door jambs painted in rainy weather cannot be stacked together to avoid mildew and blackening on the surface of furniture.

8. Latex paint is mostly used to paint walls, and polyurethane resin paint is mostly used to paint dados." , furniture, door and other parts. Some polyurethane resin coatings contain more free TDI, which will lead to yellowing of latex coatings in the process of brushing and volatilization. Therefore, the simultaneous construction of latex paint and polyurethane resin paint should be avoided. It is best to brush latex paint after the polyurethane resin paint is completely dry to avoid yellowing

9. At present, most of the home decoration in the city are construction teams of their own choice, and they try to avoid rainy days and high humidity weather during construction. In addition, there are many kinds of new plates at present. Small samples, that is, small-area construction, need to be done during construction. Under the condition of ensuring no problems, large-area construction can be carried out, so as to ensure that the quality of construction meets the standard requirements

in addition, solvent based wood coatings have a significant characteristic - volatility. As long as the residence time of new houses after construction is properly controlled and good indoor ventilation is ensured within this time, the harm of these volatile harmful substances to human body can be minimized

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