How to clean and maintain the hottest dry cleaning

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How to clean and maintain the dry cleaner

1. Check and maintain before starting up every day

2. Maintain regularly as planned. It is divided into weekly maintenance, monthly maintenance, semi annual maintenance and annual maintenance

first, check the following aspects of the machine before starting up

1 Whether the display of filter pressure gauge is below 0.1MPa

2. Whether there are screws loose on the host

3. Whether there is running, emitting, dripping and leakage in all pipelines, valves and observation windows

4. Equipment appearance hygiene inspection

5. Check and clean the distillation tank, button collector, cilia filter, oil-water separator, etc

second, start up and observe:

1 Turn on the power switch and check whether various displays are normal

2. Open the cooling water valve

3. Turn on the air compressor, wait until the pressure reaches the specified value of 0.7MPa, and then start the machine

at the end of the work:

1 After the last laundry cycle of the working day, confirm that the dry cleaning agent in the distiller has been distilled

2. Turn off the power switch and the water inlet valve

3. At the end of the work, close all on-off valves

weekly maintenance

1 The water separator shall be cleaned once a week, and all sundries in the water separator shall be wiped with cotton. Then restore its working state

2. The compressed air filter shall be cleaned once a week. The filter element shall be brushed with soft wool, and the plexiglass cover shall be cleaned with water and wiped dry

otherwise 3 The glass of each observation hole should be wiped once a week

until the sample is damaged

4 Check whether the gaskets of the loading door, distillation box, nap filter, button collector and other components are damaged

monthly maintenance

1 Fill the grease cup with new oil once a month. (according to the oil quality of the manual)

2 Check the oil level of compressed air oiler and add it in time if necessary. (according to the oil number in the manual)

3 Press the "calibration can be processed near the construction site" key, and the compressed air hose connector should be checked once a month, and tightened in time if necessary

4. Clean the inlet filter

5 Clean the steam filter (only for steam type machines)

6 Check and tighten the foundation bolts of the machine

7. Check the belt tightness

maintain every six months

1 Clean the solvent tank once half a year and clean it together with other bottom tanks

2. Clean the fluff on the drying condenser

3. Clean the pipeline from the distillation condenser to the water separator

4. Check whether the wiring of all electrical appliances is loose

annual maintenance

1 Grease all motor bearings

2. Clean the pipeline from the distiller to the condenser

3. Clean the exchanger of the refrigeration unit

4 Clean the drying heater

5 Clean the condenser

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