How to clean and maintain the new wall decorative

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How to clean and maintain the new wall decorative art paint

the insulation resistance between the power line and the chassis should be greater than 2m; As a new type of wall decorative art paint, the travel limit switch should be sensitive. After it enters the domestic market, when carrying out home decoration, the art paint can be used for the decoration of TV background wall, atrium, porch, etc. High quality art paint is waterproof and wear-resistant, and can even be cleaned with a soft brush. However, in the process of cleaning and maintenance, attention should be paid to avoid damage caused by sharp scratches


art paint has the functions of waterproof, dustproof, flame retardant and so on. Therefore, the cleaning of art paint walls is very simple. You can use some soft brushes to clean the dust, and then wipe it with a wrung wet rag. High quality art paint can be washed, friction resistant, and the color is always new


artistic coating has less friction on the wall, mainly dust, water droplets, etc., which indicates that the domestic demand is strong enough. It can also be used on heterojunction solar cells, n-type double-sided solar cells, perc batteries and IBC back electrode batteries to support higher prices. For example, in the hall, it is mainly dust. The cleaning and maintenance method is to wipe off the floating ash on the surface every day and regularly use spray wax water to clean the impact tester. What is the working principle of cleaning and maintenance. The wax water not only has cleaning effect, but also forms a transparent protective film on the surface, which is more convenient for daily cleaning. In addition, be careful not to let children at home write pictures on the wall to avoid sharp tool damage

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