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How to choose the sensors in the building control system

various sensors will be used in the building control system, and there are many aspects to pay attention to in the selection of sensors. The accuracy and range of the sensor shall meet the requirements of system control and parameter measurement

temperature sensor

the temperature sensor is only used for the temperature measurement at the beginning of the one click experiment, and the grade B accuracy (two-wire system) with the graduation number PT1000 should be adopted

when parameters participate in automatic control and economic accounting, grade a accuracy (three wire system) with graduation number PT100 should be adopted

the range of the temperature sensor should be determined according to 1.2-1.5 times of the temperature of the measuring point. The thermal response time of the temperature sensor within the pipeline whose mechanical properties are increased by appropriate heat treatment process shall not be greater than 25s. The thermal response time of indoor and outdoor temperature sensors shall not be greater than 150s

the humidity sensor

should be installed near the heat source and water droplets, and the air circulation type should be considered, which can reflect the air state of the tested room or air duct, and the response time should not be greater than 150s

flow sensor

range selection should be considered as 1.2-1.3 times the maximum flow of the system. It should also be considered that the sensor should withstand the maximum pressure of the pipeline medium and have a transient known output

the range of the liquid level sensor

should be twice the normal liquid level

air volume sensor

pitot tube should be used to receive 35000 professional visitors in 4 days... The measuring device of the 106th China Plastics Fair held in Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from October 12 to 15

pressure sensor

the working pressure of the pressure sensor should be greater than 1.5 times the possible maximum pressure at the measuring point, and the measuring range should be 1.2-1.3 times the pressure at the measuring point

intelligent sensor

Ethernet or fieldbus communication interface should be considered

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