How to classify the post printing process

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How to classify post press processing

printed matter is the general name of various products produced by printing technology. The post press processing of printed matter can be divided into three categories according to the purpose of processing

① beautify and decorate the surface of printed matter. For example, glazing or film covering processing is carried out to improve the gloss of printed matter in developed countries such as the United States, Germany and Japan, where the proportion of automobile modified plastics is between 10% and 15%; Concave convex embossing or crystal three-dimensional drop molding processing to improve the three-dimensional sense of printed matter; Refraction and foil ironing to enhance the flicker of printed matter

② processing that enables printed matter to obtain specific functions. Printing materials are for people to use. Different printing materials should have or strengthen certain functions because of their different service objects or use purposes. For example, printing materials have the protective functions of oil proof, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, insect proof and so on for so many years. Some printed matter should have some specific functions, such as tearing of stamps, letters of introduction, etc., copying of documents and forms, and anti-counterfeiting of magnetic cards

③ forming and processing of printed matter. Such as cutting the single page printed matter to the format size specified in the design; Binding of books and periodicals; Die cutting and indentation processing of packaging materials, etc

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