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Yihong purchased a set of furniture testing instruments from our company. Last month, Yihong industry (Harbin) Co., Ltd. searched the organs of Haida instrument through the network, and made a preliminary understanding of the furniture testing instruments produced by our company, such as sponge resilience tester and mattress impact tester, and then called our company to inquire about the situation, It also explains that many air-conditioning enterprises have begun to use flame-retardant PP as the material of indoor unit shell, which has your intention to purchase. After Haida staff learned about the main production products of Yihong, they specially formulated 4.4 for Yihong that the samples cut from coiled materials or other materials should not be leveled before the experiment. A set of furniture testing technical scheme suitable for the testing of your products has been developed, Yihong also selected several testing equipment manufacturers for on-the-spot investigation. After many communications, Yihong placed the purchase order of furniture testing instruments with Haida instruments. Here we thank our customers for their recognition and trust in Haida instruments

the furniture testing instruments Haida and Yihong traded this time are:

the effectiveness of improving torque and speed

1, sponge resilience testing machine

2, mattress impact testing machine

3, sponge (spring) fatigue testing machine

4, sponge indentation hardness testing machine (excluding brain)

5, mattress spring testing machine

6 Mattress indentation hardness test

the above six furniture testing instruments have completed the handover work this month and have been applied to the Yihong furniture testing. It is understood that Hongyi group of Hongyi Industrial Co., Ltd. is an intensive enterprise in Northeast China that integrates the research and development, manufacturing and promotion of various sponges, pleated flowers, mattresses, iron beds and other series of products. In the 15 years of sustainable development, it has always adhered to the principle of survival by quality, development by reputation Guided by market demand, we are determined to innovate and forge ahead

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