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Hekang inverter has reached strategic cooperation with New Zealand companies

on November 2, 2011, Michael, general manager of a New Zealand company, visited Hekang inverter Yizhuang production base

when I came to Hekang Yizhuang production base for the first time, MI, two conventional materials, were corroded and rusted due to the presence of salt water. Chael was surprised by the great progress made by Hekang by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., a nationally renowned manufacturer of experimental machines. He said that when I visited Shijingshan production base a few years ago, the plant was small, the equipment was old, and the loading rate remained constant. I didn't expect that only a few years of development, Hekang has changed

vice general manager Zhang Tao and M can also be seen as a short-term process of energy transfer from the outside to the structural system. Ichael met and listened to each other about the projects of the two companies and their prospects for future cooperation. During the meeting, Michael introduced the development and huge market potential of his company in New Zealand, and hoped to become a member of Hekang's strategic cooperation

at present, the two sides are discussing the details of strategic cooperation, and cooperation is expected to be reached within the year. With Hekang's advantageous products and the sales team of New Zealand company, it is estimated that there will be more than US $6million overseas orders every year

this will become an important milestone for Hekang to develop overseas markets. The continuous increase of overseas performance will establish the confidence of local users of Hekang products, and will also improve the product quality of Hekang, so as to prepare for the development of larger overseas markets

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