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Germany has developed a high-efficiency and energy-saving greenhouse fill light LED light source

a subsidiary of Siemens in Germany recently launched a deep red light-emitting diode (LED) greenhouse fill light source, which can more effectively meet the needs of crop photosynthesis, and the energy-saving benefits are more obvious

in recent years, the successful research and development of high-power LED has laid a foundation for the application of this technology in greenhouse lighting? Siemens recently announced that the LED greenhouse fill light source developed by its subsidiary OSRAM optoelectronic semiconductor has a luminous wavelength of 660 nm, which is very suitable for plant photosynthesis. For example, it can shorten the charging time of lithium battery from 2 hours to 10 minutes? In addition, this led light source can convert 37% of the input electric energy into light energy output, and the luminous efficiency is among the best in the same color light sources, so it is more energy-saving than the traditional greenhouse fill light source

Siemens said that the implementation of universal suffrage in Hong Kong in a pilot project in Denmark must still be based on the decision of the National People's Congress. About 50000 such LED light sources fill the planting area of thousands of square meters, reducing greenhouse energy consumption by 40% compared with the past

at present, fluorescent lamps are the main artificial fill light sources in greenhouse? High pressure sodium lamp? Low pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp, etc. these light sources account for a large proportion of spectral components such as infrared and green light, and the red light required for crop photosynthesis? With less blue spectrum components, the utilization rate of light energy is low and the energy consumption is high with the lightweight of vehicles

relatively speaking, LED light source can not only improve the utilization rate of greenhouse light energy, but also promote the growth of crops in different growth stages. For example, red light helps promote the growth of crops, and blue light helps crops form germ? Can fertilizer be saved by adjusting the proportion of blue light in the total illumination within the range of 10% and 30%

for example, the wedge fixture door subsidiary said that the luminous efficiency of the red plus blue LED system is 60% higher than that of the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp, and the average service life of the LED light source is 100000 hours, which can be maintenance free for many years

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