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Chen Hong may form an alliance with LGD to integrate LCD and touch panel

according to the market, f-tpk Chen Hong plans to form an alliance with global panel due to the strategic alliance of Korean LG display (LGD), a giant with many types of manhole cover pressure testing machines, to work together to make a fully enhanced single glass touch panel (TOL), and will introduce Apple's next-generation iPad, which is expected to significantly improve TPK's revenue, profit and capacity utilization, and break through the deadlock of bargain competition among touch manufacturers in the mainland

tpk treasurer Liu Shiliang said yesterday (18) that tol demand is good, TPK supply is tight, but I haven't heard of the need to align with LGD strategy. The legal person pointed out that TPK has cooperated with Japanese photo strategy to accelerate the mass production of nano silver wire touch technology. If it can alliance with LGD and bite apple's orders, it will help the company get out of the low tide of operation

breakthroughs have been made in the research of optical MOF thin film materials. According to legal person analysis, TPK can form upstream and downstream vertical integration through its alliance with LGD strategy; In addition, at present, TPK only does iPad rear fitting business. If tol technology is used even in the front touch sensor, it will help significantly increase TPK's revenue, profit and capacity utilization

on the other hand, LGD is now Apple's largest panel supplier, and its products include iPhone, iPad and ipadmini panels. Apple's Iwatch to be launched next year also adopts LGD active LED display screens

if the main models of TPK and LGD are: WDS (2) 0h, WDS (5) 0h, WDS (1) 00h, WDW (5) 0h, WDW (1) 00h alliance, TPK will form a strong downstream outlet to solve the current problem of overcapacity. At the same time, L4 Accuracy of experimental force: better than the indicated value ± 1% CD panel and touch panel, integrated in the same manufacturer to ship to apple, or ship to other brands, which is helpful to reduce the supply chain process and reduce the touch cost

lgd is a global panel giant, with the largest panel production capacity, coupled with Apple's strategy of de Samsung, so it has become Apple's largest panel supplier. However, LGD's specialty is to produce panels, and TPK's specialty is to do touch fitting. There is an upstream and downstream relationship between the two. If a virtual merger is formed, there will be an effect of one plus one greater than two

tpk estimates that tol will account for a large proportion of smartphone touch revenue in the fourth quarter. At the same time, mainland brands are also actively promoting high-priced and high-specification smartphones. Therefore, the adoption of TOL technology is also very strong

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