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Borg Meng launched a new CX series global shutter CMOS camera with the smallest size and a resolution of up to 12million pixels

Borg Meng recently launched a CX camera with Sony pregius sensor imx253, further enriching the product series. They are equipped with 29 mm compact square housing and USB3.0 interface. With a resolution of 40963000 pixels, a high frame rate of 31 FPS and excellent image quality, this series of cameras are especially suitable for applications that have strict requirements for high-resolution and high-speed image acquisition quality. Vcxu-123m camera integrates the latest black-and-white sensor, but Sony announced that the sensor will be produced in the fourth quarter of 2016

the new CX series global shutter CMOS camera with the smallest size and a resolution of up to 12million pixels is equipped with a compact 29 29 mm square shell

users can modify the experimental report according to their requirements. With high resolution, high frame rate, low dark noise and high dynamic range (71 dB), CX camera is the perfect choice for many demanding applications, such as surface detection, 2d/3d measurement technology, packaging inspection and traffic monitoring

the camera adopts a 29 mm square shell with M3 installation interface on each side, so it is easy to install and extremely flexible, even if the installation environment is very narrow, it will not be affected at all. Camera event recording and its built-in image memory ensure synchronous process control to achieve long-term stability of image evaluation. With its efficient heat dissipation design, this series of cameras can withstand a shell temperature of up to 65 C, which can be used in a wide range of applications, while ensuring excellent image quality. In order to ensure the highest process safety, the integrated temperature sensor always provides the current operating temperature

through the USB interface of the camera, only one cable is needed to complete the high-speed data transmission currently used in automobile hub, intake manifold, clutch, transmission housing, gearbox and other aspects, and the integration is easily completed through the plug and play function. In addition, the optocoupler isolation input and output helps to improve safety and ensure the reliable operation of the whole system

CX series industrial camera with integrated Sony pregius sensor and on semiconductor Python 5.5 and N32 anti oil hydraulic sensor, with resolutions ranging from VGA to 12million pixels. They all use 29 mm compact housings, which have the same shape characteristics as other CX cameras, and can easily meet the requirements of various applications. CX series cameras have a variety of models, all of which support GigE vision or usb3 vision friction and wear tester, which is the main product standard of Jinan Shijin

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