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Write a paper and win the ticket to the "2005 Siemens Automation Expert Meeting"

as long as the paper you write passes the review of the expert group, you are eligible to participate in the "2005 Siemens Automation Expert Meeting" held in Wuhan from November 9 to 12, 2005, such as PU synthetic leather, functional fabrics or high-performance silk screen printing, plus keeping the knife edge sharp, that is to say, you have obtained the ticket to the expert meeting. This meeting will promote the selected papers. It is hoped that inventions such as shred buddy will increasingly appear on KickStarter and be evaluated and rewarded in the market. At the same time, the selected engineers will be awarded the "Siemens Automation Expert" certification. The certified experts will enjoy the priority technical support and the latest technical information and materials from Siemens. Siemens will archive the unselected papers for the next exchange and present souvenirs as a token of appreciation

the content of the paper mainly includes:

I. project introduction

1 In addition to the requirements for controlling the dimensional tolerance of wire cores (cable cores), the project is located in the project site. In addition, the project is based on the views of the company and the brief industry background of the company

2. General information of the project: equipment controlled by Siemens automation products and products produced by controlled equipment

3. Photo: it can reflect the overall production situation or the general situation of the company. (please use positive photos for publishing and printing.)

II. System introduction

1 Brief process of the project

2. The model, quantity, type and control object of Siemens automation products used in the project

III. composition of control system

1 Hardware configuration and system structure of the whole project; Basis for selection of each component

2. Hardware configuration diagram, network structure diagram and monitoring screen in application of additional system

3. Comparison of various options

IV. functions completed by the control system

1 According to the requirements of the control object, combined with Siemens automation products, the functions of the control system are introduced in detail; Indicators completed

2. Difficulties in the project, how to achieve

3. Pictures of equipment or processes with characteristics or typical ones in additional production processes

v. conclusion

input time, operation and user evaluation of the system

VI. application experience

experience of using Siemens automation products during the project. Such as convenient places, difficulties encountered and solutions. (if you are familiar with the corresponding products of other brands, you can compare them with Siemens products.)

deadline of the paper: September 30, 2005

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