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Xi'an paper-making enterprises strive for zero discharge of waste water

Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, actively organizes technological breakthroughs to reduce the discharge of waste water from paper-making enterprises, so that many waste paper pulping enterprises account for 25.67% of China's total non-ferrous metal imports in the same period, and the waste water of paper enterprises has achieved "zero discharge"

Xi'an used to be a big city of paper industry in the golden age, with more than 400 Township paper-making enterprises at most. Since 2001, Xi'an has strengthened the adjustment of industrial structure and vigorously shut down polluting paper-making enterprises. At present, there are only 40 paper-making enterprises in the city, of which 35 are non deinking and pulping enterprises. In order to further reduce the sewage pollution of papermaking enterprises, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, Xi'an Jiaotong University and Xi'an Light Industry Design Institute jointly organized scientific and technological research. According to the characteristics of the water quality of non deinked waste paper pulping wastewater, the "Anaerobic + aerobic" biochemical technology and advanced equipment such as high-efficiency anaerobic generator were used to realize "zero discharge" of the wastewater of non deinked waste paper pulping and papermaking enterprises. In 2005, two waste paper production enterprises using the "zero discharge" technology of waste water in Huxian County passed the acceptance. Further clarify the main responsibility of enterprises and share the responsibility. Last year, provinces and cities increased the promotion efforts, and implemented the "zero discharge" technology of wastewater in all non deinking pulp and paper enterprises. At present, there are 13 enterprises with "zero discharge" of wastewater. The water consumption per ton of paper has been reduced from 110 tons in the past to less than 3 tons at present. The product quality has reached the specified standard after testing, and the income per ton of paper has increased by about 200 yuan. The "zero discharge" of wastewater has achieved the goal of win-win economic, social and environmental benefits, and has also become a useful exploration for the development of circular economy and the realization of cleaner production

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