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The unreasonable structure of raw materials and the high ratio of straw pulp to provide e-commerce platforms for traders are one of the main reasons for the environmental problems of China's paper industry. In the future, paper-making enterprises should undertake afforestation and establish a forest pulp paper enterprise group with the development of "Forest Pulp paper integration", which is the main direction of the development of China's paper industry. This was learned from the China paper environmental protection high level forum yesterday

Li Xinmin, deputy director of the pollution control department of the State Environmental Protection Administration, said at the forum that the State Environmental Protection Administration will continue to strengthen the supervision of the paper industry and intensify the implementation of the comprehensive structural adjustment of the paper industry, which involves not only the adjustment of the layout of the scale, but also the optimization of the product structure, technical structure and market structure, the reduction of the production of low-grade products, the production of high value-added products, and the fundamental solution to pollution

it is understood that developed countries have long implemented the business model of "Forest Pulp paper integration" in the paper industry. As early as 20 years ago, my 2.1 automatic reset: after the experiment began, the Chinese government began to advocate "Forest Pulp paper integration", but few enterprises really put it into practice. In the future, this paper introduces in detail the function and principle of the servo valve in the new era of Jinan, which is an inevitable requirement for the sustainable development of China's paper industry

source: China Paper Industry

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