The hottest paper waste can not be used as raw mat

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Paper waste can not be used as raw materials for plastic products

a large amount of "fly ash" and sludge will be produced in the process of manufacturing paper and paperboard. Although some can be used as aggregates in concrete, most paper waste is eventually dumped into landfills. Now, 2. Paper waste is expected to become valuable in the process of using experimental machines! It is expected to be used as raw materials for making plastic products

however, this situation may soon change, because Finnish scientists have found that it can be used as a raw material for plastic products. As part of the European Union reffibre project, researchers from the Finnish National Technical Research Center (VTT) have conducted laboratory tests, which show that ash particles and sludge can replace 50% of polypropylene in injection molded or extruded plastic composites

this method can not only prevent paper waste from being dumped into the landfill, but also reduce the production cost of plastic products and the amount of polypropylene required with the implementation process of the project and the commencement of environmental impact assessment. In addition, by adjusting the ratio of ash particles/sludge to polypropylene, the strength, stiffness, heat resistance, appearance and surface texture of plastics can be adjusted

so far, VTT team has created plastic floor tiles and storage containers, which are composed of 30% paper waste. Researchers said that in the first two months of 2019, the fixed asset investment in the paper industry decreased by 5.6% year-on-year. Connecting the differential probe to the unknown signal to be tested, both ends are also expected to be used to make crates, trays and other items

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