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The paper sector is expected to gradually strengthen

in terms of hot spots in the two cities, S-Shares such as S-CHINA textile machinery, s-tianyike, s-shanghai technology are still sought after by funds. In addition, Shixian paper, sun paper and other paper sector stocks also ranked at the top of the list of gains in the two cities today. In China, the paper industry is a fast-growing basic raw material industry and plays an important role in the national economy. The industry has cyclical and seasonal characteristics. At present, the paper industry is usually divided into four sub industries: paper, cultural paper, packaging paper and special paper. National policy is the most important influencing factor of China's paper industry. The government supports and regulates the development of the paper industry from three aspects: industrial policy, anti-dumping protection and environmental protection policy; Raw materials are the biggest bottleneck restricting the development of China's paper industry; The appreciation of RMB is beneficial to the paper industry, but the benefits of appreciation are swallowed up by the rise in raw material prices. After more than ten years of development, China has become the second largest producer and consumer of paper and paperboard in the world

in addition, as the third largest foreign exchange industry in China, according to the statistics of 2004, the total import foreign exchange of this industry reached 930000 Hua, and the annual production capacity of MDI (polyurethane) has increased to 2.3 million tons (including Bosu chemical) billion US dollars. Therefore, with the appreciation of RMB, enterprises in this industry will also benefit significantly. The benefits mainly come from two aspects: first, it is conducive to reducing the import of the paper industry and the purchase cost of the "hero" equipment for quality control; second, it can significantly reduce the cost of papermaking. As most equipment in the paper industry needs to be imported, nearly 80% of wood pulp and waste paper as the main raw materials need to be imported. It is roughly estimated that for every 1% appreciation of the RMB, the cost of the whole industry can be reduced by billion yuan. Relevant listed companies will benefit greatly from it, and investors can pay appropriate attention

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