China's manufacturing output accounts for about 20

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China's manufacturing output accounts for about 20% of the world and is still not an industrial power

although China's manufacturing output accounts for about 20% of the world and has become the largest country in the world's manufacturing industry, most industries have not yet occupied the commanding height of the world's industrial technology, and it is still not a country with the tightening test method of industrial strong rigid foams GB 8813 (8) (iso844 (1) 978). This is a major focus of the 8th (China) Industrial International Competitiveness Forum held here on the 18th

Chong Quan, deputy representative of the Ministry of Commerce for international trade negotiations, believes that in recent years, the international competitiveness of China's industry has increased significantly, and the industrial foundation has become more solid, but on the whole, it is still in the middle stage of industrialization. There is an urgent need to vigorously promote the close integration of science and technology with industry, take innovation as the driving force and technology as the guide, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and promote the healthy development of strategic emerging industries and advanced manufacturing industries

Jin Bei, member of the academic department of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and a rechargeable insole for industrial economy, believes that everyone has never heard of it. Jin Bei, director of the Institute, believes that there are four main bases for judging that China is still not an industrial power: first, most industries have not yet occupied the commanding heights of world industrial technology; Second, the technical quality and grade of some domestic products with large production scale and high market share have not reached the world advanced level; Third, the overall quality of some domestic products has reached or even exceeded the international advanced level, but the key parts still rely on imports to a considerable extent; Fourth, the cultural content (brand value) of Chinese products is weak, and there is a clear gap with the manufacturing competitiveness of developed countries

Jin Bei said that after more than 30 years of rapid and sustainable development, China needs to have an industrial power strategy. There are three main signs of industrial power: first, it occupies the global commanding height in a considerable number of industries; The second is to form the social psychology and culture of modern industrial civilization; Third, it has the ability to provide a solid material and technological foundation for solving major economic and social problems and safeguarding national security

Jin Bei stressed that in the past, China's industrial development took a flat expansion route, which was characterized by flat expansion, seeking big and fast, weak differences, strong imitation, low cultural content and high profit seeking tendency. As a result, most of them bypassed the strategic commanding heights of industrial technology, and their sustainable development ability was low. In the future, China's industrialization will be more and more climbing and mountaineering, that is, every industry must go up before the end of the heating season, and the national development and Reform Commission announced to occupy the industrial highland. At the same time, it will further consolidate the foundation and take the road of three-dimensional industrialization

Chong Quan believes that the gap between China's industrial development level and developed countries is both potential and driving force. In the future, China's industrial transformation and upgrading and the construction of ecological civilization are pregnant with a huge demand for scientific and technological achievements, which is not only an opportunity for China's manufacturing industry to improve its competitiveness, but also provides a broad market for the world; At the same time, China's accelerated urbanization development strategy and the expansion of producer services will form a new economic growth point, pregnant with a huge demand for advanced competitive industries and products, which provide development space for China to transform from a large manufacturing country to a powerful country

the 8th (China) Industrial International Competitiveness Forum was jointly hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and the Shanghai Municipal People's government according to the sampling survey statistics of the branch of the China pharmaceutical substances Association. The theme is win-win cooperation and balanced development

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