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Paperboard knowledge: explanation of honeycomb paperboard terms and its characteristics and advantages

honeycomb paperboard is made according to the principle of honeycomb structure in nature:

it is a new kind of environmental protection and energy-saving material with sandwich structure, which connects corrugated base paper into countless hollow three-dimensional regular hexagons with glue bonding method to form a whole stress-bearing paper core, and binds face paper on both sides

characteristics of honeycomb paperboard

1, light weight, less materials and low cost

2. We learned that advanced material technology has made a high contribution to sustainable development, which shows that the impact strength has increased by 13%, and the surface is flat and not easy to deform

3. New composite wires can replace metal materials, with good impact resistance and cushioning

4. Sound absorption and heat insulation

5, no pollution, in line with the trend of modern environmental protection

advantages of Honeycomb Paperboard:

on the one hand, it can reduce the damage rate of goods in the circulation process

on the other hand, replacing wooden cases is beneficial to environmental protection

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