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The 12th Five Year Plan: China's manufacturing industry surpasses a new starting point

only by going out can the manufacturing industry break through the bottleneck of development, which also makes it possible to surpass. Wu Haohao, a member of the CPPCC National Committee, once said that made in China should not only go out, but also come in and finally go up. How to achieve the grand goal of "made in China" to surpass "made in China"

in 2011, made in China has entered the third development decade, and is entering the transformation from the world processing center to the world creation center. In the development process of the next decade, China's manufacturing industry has accelerated the pace of overseas business expansion, and the market boundary faced by enterprises is gradually blurred. A global competitive market is coming. The word "transcendence" is also given more connotation because China has become the second largest world economy

in the manufacturing industry, only by going out can we break through the bottleneck of development, which also makes transcendence possible. Wu Haohao, a member of the CPPCC National Committee, once said that made in China should not only go out, but also come in and finally go up. How to achieve the grand goal of "made in China" to surpass "made in China"

the 12th Five Year Plan: a new starting point for China's manufacturing industry to surpass

the Fifth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee defined the theme and strategic tasks of national development during the 12th Five Year Plan period. We should accelerate the development of a modern industrial system, improve the core competitiveness of the industry, transform and enhance the manufacturing industry, and accelerate China's transformation from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power. The plan points out that Chinese manufacturing must be transformed from labor-intensive to technology intensive, and highlight its strength in product added value, service industry and knowledge creation. Companies that truly represent the future of made in China should turn challenges into opportunities, and become strong through technological and brand innovation, broadening their horizons and thinking, actively participating in the competition upstream of the industrial chain, and more scientific and effective production methods. In the final analysis, it is necessary to practice internal skills well, only not to be complacent and stagnant; Only by improving competitiveness, made in China will eventually break through the siege

it is reported that at the local two sessions, the high-end equipment manufacturing industry in emerging industries has aroused heated discussion among delegates and become a high-profile play, which is expected to usher in the intensive release period of supporting policies. Economists also analyzed that the two sessions this year will focus on agriculture, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, high-end manufacturing and other industries. From the perspective of the global economic cycle, China is currently in the middle stage of accelerating recovery. Among emerging industries, such as high-speed rail and China's high-end machinery and equipment manufacturing, are just in line with the general environment of the middle stage of global economic recovery

therefore, China's manufacturing industry will usher in the spring of development. How to improve and develop China's manufacturing industry and completely change the situation that China's manufacturing industry is large but not strong? Xiang qihan, senior vice president of UFIDA, said: we must focus on the development needs of large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, start from improving the core competitiveness of enterprises, grasp the development trend of international manufacturing industry, accelerate the development process of China's manufacturing industry towards service, promote the integration of manufacturing and services, and the integration of emerging information technology with high-end equipment products and manufacturing processes, Chinese software enterprises should provide strong technical support for the development of manufacturing industry

for UFIDA, which has been deeply involved in informatization to help the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, UFIDA manufacturing is committed to continuously promoting the happy development of Chinese manufacturing enterprises. UFIDA also hopes to help Chinese manufacturing enterprises upgrade world-class manufacturing through the integrated solution of UFIDA manufacturing informatization

Informatization: the only way for China's manufacturing industry to surpass

the leap from made in China to world-class manufacturing, and the extension from the local market to the global market, the realization of world-class manufacturing level is not achieved overnight. Just like a seed needs appropriate temperature, humidity and nutrients from germination to growing into a towering tree. Realizing the transcendence of made in China also requires a series of appropriate conditions as the foundation and support. Over the past 20 years of reform and opening up, the support of national macro policies and business environment, the growth of manufacturing enterprises' own capabilities and years of accumulation have laid a good foundation for made in China to create or surpass made in China

in addition, according to the latest 2010 GDP released by Japan, due to the momentum of China's rapid economic growth, China has surpassed Japan to become the world's second largest economy, and manufacturing has made great contributions to China's GDP growth. Surpassing Japan and when to surpass made in China has also become the focus of current attention. According to the Washington Post, due to the lack of international brands, Chinese enterprises only receive poor processing fees in international trade. In order to change the 10 point universal status of this experimental machine in the current ordinary industrial consumption and scientific research and improve its international influence, the Chinese government has invested a lot of money to encourage enterprises to establish brands and product innovation, and launched the "going out" strategy, trying to surpass the status of made in China and gain the dominance of international trade

with China's manufacturing industry going abroad, that is, the advent of the era of transnational operation and a series of national support policies leaning towards manufacturing, surpassing made in China is not just a slogan, and manufacturing informatization, which helps China's manufacturing industry to achieve transformation and upgrading, will also step on the world stage with the development of Chinese manufacturing. In the last century, the developed manufacturing industry represented by Germany in Europe made sap, and the leading service industry in the United States made oracle. At the same time, the ERP products of these manufacturers also promote more manufacturing enterprises to become world-class. In China, ERP manufacturers represented by UFIDA will also follow the growth of China's manufacturing industry

Wang Jian, vice president of UFIDA, said: Surpassing made in China has become the focus of development in the next decade, and will also be the golden decade of informatization in the future. To achieve surpassing made in China, innovation is very important, and informatization is very critical, because made in China has developed to this stage. From the perspective of manufacturing competing in the international market, the application strategy of software should also change accordingly. The market of manufacturing informatization needs international products like UFIDA NC and u9. More importantly, our product internationalization should be in line with the pace of manufacturing industry. The advent of the era of transnational operation also provides good conditions for Chinese software enterprises

at the same time, to surpass made in China, we should also look at the development process of made in China:

made in China in the 1980s was mainly OEM. Due to low production costs and low labor, manufacturing enterprises all over the world invested and set up factories in China, and China was crowned as the processing center of the world. This is a low-cost decade, which also laid the foundation for the later development of manufacturing industry

with the continuous increase of manufacturing scale, it has entered the second decade of made in China. From 1990s to 2000 (2). Electric bridge method: the first few years since the existence of buried cables are the decade of modernization of Chinese manufacturing equipment. During this decade, many enterprises have equipped themselves through continuous improvement of production equipment and introduction of foreign production lines, realizing equipment modernization and making production take shape

the third decade is also a decade of brand innovation and management modernization. From the perspective of national strategy, informatization driving industrialization is not a slogan, which needs serious exploration. Informatization cannot replace industrialization, but in today's global economic integration, there is no way to stand without the support of information and communication technology. Therefore, from the perspective of strategic deployment, informatization is given more missions

in addition, there are extraordinary opportunities for UFIDA manufacturing industry from made in China to creating or surpassing made in China. First, in terms of product deepening, UFIDA manufacturing provides complete, mature and professional integrated solutions suitable for Chinese manufacturing enterprises for medium, large and large manufacturing enterprises, and its services cover the core industries in process manufacturing, discrete manufacturing and equipment manufacturing. The products focus on the comprehensive application and Deepening Application of manufacturing management informatization, and promote the integration scheme and services of front, middle and back office integration in the manufacturing industry. Secondly, UFIDA manufacturing has 16 major industries, nearly 100 sub industry solutions due to the gradual economic recovery of Middle East and African countries, and has built more than 1000 manufacturing industry business models and management model libraries to provide full system professional services for the informatization of Chinese manufacturing enterprises: from management consulting, it planning, products and solutions, application integration, application implementation, operation and maintenance, etc

UFIDA manufacturing: the helper of surpassing China's manufacturing industry

in addition to continuous surpassing in products, UFIDA manufacturing products have successfully helped many enterprises grow into world-class after years of hard work in the manufacturing field

UFIDA manufacturing solutions cover many aspects of China's manufacturing industry, including production, PLM, marketing, supply chain, energy, e-commerce, mobile commerce, human resources, collaborative work, finance, capital, decision support, and complete group control. Facing the mid-range market of medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, UFIDA manufacturing has an absolute monopoly and competitive position, with a share of more than 50%; In the high-end market for large manufacturing enterprises, UFIDA is the only manufacturer in China that has the most prominent competitive advantage and can compete with international giants to win customers. Even in the fields of group control, mass production of battery consoles that sotepex has been used in trucks, a, cloud computing, energy management, etc., the leading applications made by UFIDA exceed international giants; UFIDA manufacturing has few rivals in the fields of chemical industry, metallurgy, clothing, auto parts and so on; In the field of manufacturing, due to the early entry of international manufacturers, domestic manufacturers' products are complex and numerous, and the competition is particularly fierce. However, from the perspective of the probability of winning the order, UFIDA manufacturing has an absolute advantage. In the long list of customers, there are many big brother COFCO group, MCC group, state machinery group, as well as industry leaders elion resources, new continental Honda, Dalian machine tool, Beiyuan chemical, Anta, There are also a large number of excellent small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises. At present, UFIDA manufacturing has nearly one million customers and more than 10000 customers from various manufacturing industry leaders in China, leading the innovation of advanced business model and management model of made in China

compared with industry friends, UFIDA manufacturing has obvious advantages: first, it has the advantages of localization and a large number of best practices. In terms of application environment and application habits, foreign manufacturers originated in Europe and the United States are mature in the context of European and American enterprise management. There are great differences in the economic environment and cultural models between Europe and the United States and China. The best practices of UFIDA manufacturing in manufacturing enterprise customers in the past 23 years have formed a large number of business models and management model libraries, which is the most powerful advantage of UFIDA manufacturing over international and local competitors. Secondly, UFIDA manufacturing has a comprehensive and integrated application scheme. For example, the integration of financial business and the comprehensive application of thousands of middle and back offices of manufacturing enterprises. At present, UFIDA manufacturing informatization has established a number of model customers in the fields of steel, nonferrous metals, chemicals, building materials, pharmaceuticals, food, coal, clothing, electronics, machinery, auto parts, project manufacturing, equipment manufacturing and so on. From the group management and control of large enterprises, to the management of multi factory and multi organization mode, and then to the agile and intelligent management of medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, it covers the process manufacturing industry, discrete manufacturing industry, equipment manufacturing industry and other comprehensive manufacturing industries

the core of the integration of industrialization and industrialization lies in the success or failure of manufacturing informatization

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