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Yuepu lake, the largest papermaking, color printing and packaging enterprise in southern Xinjiang, August 31 (Cheng Yong, Yu Zhibin) at the 16th Urumqi fair, Yuepu Lake County will become a county with the largest papermaking, color printing and packaging experimental machine factory in southern Xinjiang, specializing in printing and packaging enterprises for experimental machines. On August 30, a relevant person from the yuepuhu County Trading Group introduced that Lanzhou ball screw vice drive Zhongliang Yihua paper packaging and printing company now decided to invest 35million yuan to set up a paper group integrating papermaking, color printing and packaging in yuepuhu county

the production of this project can not only find a way out for the reuse of tens of millions of tons of cotton stalks in Kashgar, but also solve the packaging problem of 1million Mu forest and fruit products in Kashgar

it is understood that yuepuhu Yihua paper packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. is located in the Taiyue Industrial Park of the county. The company covers an area of 110 mu, with a plant area of 5346 square meters. Its main products include high-strength corrugated paper, pulp board paper and all kinds of high and medium-grade color printing packaging

the enterprise will be constructed in three phases. After the completion of the project, it can produce 52000 tons of paper and 10million square meters of corrugated packaging boxes per year. The papermaking project mainly uses waste paper, licorice residue, cotton stalk and other raw materials, and adopts non chemical and semi chemical pulping processes to enter 9 Input voltage: exchange 380V, 10% line production, in line with the requirements of the national recycling and development of waste resources, he warned that the environmental economy. The papermaking project is also equipped with sewage treatment facilities, and the discharge will be reduced to the minimum

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