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Papermaking enterprises have become one of the key sources of pollution to be investigated and dealt with in Hefei this year, and the enterprises that exceed the standard in the secondary drinking water source protection zone have been shut down for treatment until they are banned; All illegal enterprises that deliberately exceed the standard of discharge and practice fraud shall be shut down for rectification; All illegal paper-making enterprises that need to be eliminated or closed down according to law will be cut off from water and electricity. Recently, Hefei Environmental Protection Bureau has decided on three types of investigation and punishment priorities for this year's special environmental protection action

according to the special action plan of Hefei Environmental Protection Bureau this year, three types of pollution sources involving drinking water safety, development zones (industrial parks) and key polluting industries will be investigated and dealt with

in addition, some customers said that they would focus on the remediation of enterprises in key polluting industries this year. Including the comprehensive inspection and cleaning up of papermaking and paper products processing enterprises. Enterprises that cannot stably meet the discharge standards shall be subject to treatment and punishment within a time limit, and those that fail to complete within the time limit shall be shut down according to law

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