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After the hard decoration of the home is finished, everyone hopes to decorate the home with ideal furniture. However, there are a wide range of furniture on the market now. What kind of furniture and what kind of furniture brand can make people feel more at ease? In order to answer your doubts, Xiaobian sorted out the latest top ten furniture brands in China in 2018, hoping to help friends in need

China's top ten furniture brands 1. Royal Furniture

I believe many people in Hong Kong know Royal furniture better and are very well-known. The company is one of the largest panel furniture manufacturers in China. As a listed company in Hong Kong, its products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions. It is believed that friends who have purchased imperial furniture have an understanding of its quality and all aspects, and their strength is quite strong

China's top ten furniture brands 2. Quanyou furniture

Quanyou furniture is a brand under Chengdu Quanyou Furniture Co., Ltd. It was founded in 1986. Quanyou furniture has a high reputation in China's furniture industry. Its products have passed the certification of China's environmental labeling products, and now it has grown into a trademark of China Chi and a famous brand in China. It can be said that Quanyou furniture has been loved and recognized by the majority of consumers in the market, and can be regarded as a leader in the industry brand

China's top ten furniture brands 3. Red Apple furniture

Red Apple furniture was established in 1981, and its headquarters is located in Hong Kong, China. Since 1993, it has been specializing in the R & D, production and operation of high-end panel furniture, sofas and mattresses. At present, it is one of the largest furniture manufacturers in China. For more than 30 years, “ Red apple ” Furniture has been widely trusted and recognized by domestic and foreign consumers, and its products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, South Africa and other countries and regions. The company has become an enterprise with considerable scale and influence in China's furniture industry, and its market share and brand popularity in the national civil furniture market are in the forefront

China's top ten furniture brands 4. The Pearl of the palm is a Chengdu brand, which is subordinate to Chengdu pearl furniture (Group) Co., Ltd. as China's largest furniture manufacturing enterprise, the enterprise strength is in a leading position in the industry, has a high visibility, has a strong brand competitiveness, and is a well-known trademark in China

China's top ten furniture brands 5. Qumei furniture

Qumei furniture brand was established in 1987. After 25 years of honing, it has become a large-scale, standardized furniture group integrating design, production and sales. Its brand products have been rated as green and healthy furniture products, which are favored by a wide range of consumers. In 2015, Qumei Furniture Group Co., Ltd. was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and is the first listed modern furniture enterprise in China

China's top ten furniture brands 6. Gujia household

gujia household, a household brand famous all over the world. Since its inception, it specializes in the research, development, production and sales of dining room and bedroom furniture products, providing healthy, comfortable and environmental friendly dining room and bedroom home products for families around the world

China's top ten furniture brands 7. Shuangye furniture

Shuangye company was founded in October, 1991, established Shuangye Furniture Industry Co., Ltd. on July 8, 1995, and restructured in February, 1997. It is a modern enterprise specializing in the design and production of solid wood furniture, and one of the large domestic solid wood furniture manufacturing enterprises. The sales network of double leaf furniture is all over the country, with more than 600 sales stores, and the reputation of consumers is as good as one

China's top ten furniture brands 8. South home

South, founded in 1991, is located in the Southwest Airport Economic Development Zone in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. It is a backbone enterprise in the furniture industry in Sichuan Province. After more than 20 years of development, it has become a private enterprise integrating sofa and furniture R & D, design, manufacturing and sales. It has three modern production bases in Pengshan, Sichuan, Luotian, Hubei and Qingfeng, Henan

China's top ten furniture brands 9. As the leading brand of China's living room culture and happiness culture, left and right furniture has focused on the furniture industry for 30 years, built an Asian furniture R & D and manufacturing base of more than 1million square meters, and launched “ Left and right living rooms &rdquo& ldquo; Left and right fabric &rdquo& ldquo; About international &rdquo& ldquo; Modern American style &rdquo& ldquo; Left and right smart beauty &rdquo& ldquo; Left and right &rdquo& ldquo; Left and right customization &rdquo& ldquo; Nafi near ” And many other product series have been introduced to 178 countries and regions around the world, serving more than 5 million happy families

top ten furniture brands in China 10. Federal · Minnie

Federation · Minnie is a professional sofa brand created by the federal group with a history of 32 years. It is the representative of the environmental protection and health sofa brand, environmental protection sofa life, and Chinese leisure leather sofa! With rich product categories, create a harmonious life with your unique personality and taste; With "e; Borderless sofa life " Federal Mini high-quality leather sofa with the concept of directing research, production and marketing

editor's summary: the above is the top ten furniture brands in China in 2018. To be honest, the competition in China's furniture industry is fierce, and those who can be listed in the top ten furniture brands in China must be the best among the brands. It is also natural for consumers to take the ranking of China's top ten furniture brands as an option before purchasing





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