Ten taboos of opening integrated wall shop

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Since 2011, the bamboo wood fiber integrated wall has gradually moved towards the vision of consumers due to the spread of TV advertisements, networks and other media. People began to realize the advantages of this new material, such as fire prevention, moisture-proof, environmental protection, immediate installation and living, and gradually accepted and loved by consumers. So what are the taboos of opening integrated walls? I believe that the business of these integrated wall stores will be further improved

One taboo: wait at the door. It is impossible to do business without running. The commodity market is changing rapidly. Commodity exchanges pay attention to timeliness, and it is difficult to see customers at the door. Only by running can we know the market information and find the right time to make profits

two taboos: cowardice. As the saying goes, as long as you have seven points of confidence, you can take action, and the remaining three points of confidence depend on you to fight for dental caries. If you can't make up your mind when things happen, you won't make a profit if you miss the opportunity. You should know that there are few things that can make money safely in business

three taboos: the more expensive the commodity, the less it will be sold. It is impossible for commodities to rise without falling in price. If they are expensive to a certain extent, they can be sold as long as they make money. No matter how much they earn or how little they earn, they must be satisfied. If they wait for high prices, nine times out of ten they will suffer losses

four taboos: save your money. After earning, I don't want to invest any more, and turn living money into dead money. Only by gaining an inch, constantly expanding the business scale, and developing and expanding my career can I go to a higher level

five taboos: aspire to high goals. Look down on small profits and want to be fat in one bite, so you will never make a lot of money. Only from small to large, slowly add up, step by step, can we finally climb to the peak of wealth

six taboos: the fragrance of wine is not afraid of deep alleys. Many people only pay attention to production without paying attention to marketing. They think that when things are good, naturally some people come here with admiration. This is a passive means of sales. Only by actively soliciting customers and expanding influence can we sell more and make more profits

seven taboos: we do what others do. Lack of creativity, always follow behind others and be led by others. When others have finished collecting profits, you will gain little or nothing. Only by seizing the market first can we win

eight taboos: heat information and heat treatment. When he got the hot information, he hurried and acted blindly, did not make full preparations, and fought unprepared battles, losing more and winning less. Only by carefully analyzing and studying the market, can we start when we have a plan

nine taboos: like heat and dislike cold. The more people who do things, the better. We should know that "carrots are more and land is tight". Only by focusing on "inconspicuous" places and being popular, can we have a market

ten taboos: profitable sales. When selling goods, we only focus on the sales volume, and the high profit and high price are prohibitive. As a result, the high profit and low sales. Only by taking profits lightly, can there be customers at reasonable prices, and only small profits but quick turnover can make money

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