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The living room is the most eye-catching floor of the new house, and it is also the embodiment of the owner's home style and wisdom. We collected 9 netizens to take photos of the super beautiful decoration of the living room. Everyone lives in it

simple home style netizens: Mr. Chen house type: 126 square meters cost: 120000

New Chinese style netizens: Mr. Wang house type: 130 square meters cost: 180000

modern mosaic style netizens: miss he house type: 108 square meters cost: 90000

European and American pastoral style owner: Ms. Liang house type: 98 square meters cost: 98000

modern simple style netizens: Mr. Cai house type: 162 square meters cost: 230000

European Zhou classical style netizen: Mr. Jiang house type: 192 square meters cost: 300000

pastoral lace style netizen: Miss Li house type: 208 square meters cost: 400000

new Chinese luxurious style netizen: Mr. Song house type: 157 square meters cost: 190000

modern simple style owner: Mr. Wang house type: 118 square meters cost: 128000




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