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A romantic magpie bridge Tanabata Festival is coming. In this romantic "Valentine's Day" holiday, is there anyone with you sitting under the vine listening to the lingering love words of Cowherd and Weaver Girl? Some people say that life is not a movie and will not ring a touching love song when you want to confess, but life often has more charm and surprise than movies. Have you ever thought about setting up your ideal home with your lover on the occasion of Tanabata? Today, Xiao Ke is here to share with you the tips of customizing cabinets. Let's have a look

steps of customizing cabinets:

Step 1: find a home decoration company to design the pattern and color matching of the whole kitchen for us

step 2: contact the cabinet company to design the water and electricity bitmap, and professionally customize the water and electricity for home decoration in your kitchen. The home decoration company just gave us suggestions on kitchen pattern and color matching, and didn't have a comprehensive understanding of kitchen functions. The cabinet company has a more professional level in this regard. The designer will come to measure your kitchen and design several water potential planning schemes for you to choose, so that your kitchen appears more reasonable and practical

step 3: the decoration company constructs the kitchen according to the water and electricity bitmap provided by the cabinet company

step 4: choose a satisfactory cabinet for yourself. Generally speaking, the production process of cabinets takes one month. Therefore, orders for production should be placed with the cabinet company one month before joining the household partnership. When choosing cabinets, you should consider the materials, door styles, color matching and other aspects of cabinets according to your personal preferences, and then place an order with the cabinet company

tips for cabinet selection:

generally speaking, solid wood particle boards produced by regular manufacturers can meet the daily use of household cabinets, and are universal and practical. When we choose solid wood particle board cabinet, we mainly judge the good and bad of panels from two aspects of environmental protection and moisture resistance

solid wood particle board is a board made of brand-new logs directly broken and glued under pressure after applying adhesive. It has the characteristics of no pollution, while retaining the original wooden structure, and has a strong grip on nails

tips for cabinet selection:

the door panel presents the overall effect of the cabinet, which determines the beauty and style of the kitchen. The types and styles of door panels are diverse, and the design and purchase are mainly based on home style and independent DIY

the price of the cabinet is not determined by the quality of the materials used, but by the door panel, which determines the price of the cabinet. There is no great difference in the use of the following kinds of panels, which are all used for decoration. Whether it's solid wood or baking varnish, although their functions are similar, their styles are very different, which determines the price of cabinets vary greatly: a set of solid wood cabinets may exceed 100000 or even millions. This kind of cabinet pursues some crafts, styles and shapes of door panels. But for our ordinary people, ordinary door materials are enough to meet both our practicality and our certain aesthetic outlook

on Tanabata Valentine's day, the most romantic thing is to take part in the Tanabata home decoration Festival by holding hands with your partner, to install an ideal home for love, and to embrace love and happiness from then on

Xiao Ke wishes lovers all over the world get married





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