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"This room was supposed to be a wooden tatami and wooden ceiling, but now it has become a large cement block and gypsum board ceiling!" Miss Hu reported yesterday that when the decoration team was decorating her house, she stole money from the decoration materials while she was on a business trip

"tatami" has now become a "cement block"

Miss Hu said that she signed a decoration contract with a decoration company in July. The decoration began on July 18 and was completed on August 30. According to the contract, the decoration company is responsible for the decoration of Miss Hu's 96 square meter new house, including water and electricity, painting, floor tiles, etc. the company includes main and auxiliary materials, and the overall cost is 30000 yuan. "Auxiliary materials are designated by the decoration company, and I will buy them together with the person in charge of the company." Miss Hu said that the house was simply decorated, so the price was relatively low, but she didn't expect that the decoration company would steal the decoration materials during her business trip in order to save costs

yesterday morning, the reporter came to Miss Hu's house and saw a cement block of about 2 square meters on the floor in her master bedroom

"this was originally a wooden tatami, but now it has become a cement block!" Miss Hu said that the height of this cement tatami is only about 10 cm, and the cost of cement tatami is much lower than that of wooden tatami. In addition, the ceiling made of two gypsum boards is also cheap, which is not in line with the contract. In the decoration contract presented by Miss Hu, the reporter saw that tatami should have been made of wood, with a height of 25 cm to 30 cm

there are still many things that make Miss Hu dissatisfied. She said that the bathroom floor tiles sent by the decoration company were also different from the previous agreement. The floor tiles originally set at 18 yuan a piece, but now they are shipped in several yuan a piece; In the contract signed with the decoration company, the brand of putty glue is red paint, while Xingyu is used on site

yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted Ms. Yang, the head of the decoration company, who admitted that it was indeed their fault to not install the wooden ceiling required by Miss Hu in the contract. On August 28, she told Miss Hu that she would replace the gypsum board ceiling with a wooden ceiling, and Miss Hu agreed at that time. Ms. Yang said that the tatami was because Miss Hu had not given birth to a child, and the required laminate floor would have an impact on her body. Miss Hu said that she would buy solid wood floors to lay tatami. Because tatami needed a cushion, she made a cement block as the cushion of tatami. The floor tile in the bathroom is another kind of floor tile that the boss is unwilling to deliver

Ms. Yang said, "this is not a big problem. Red paint and Xingyu putty glue are from the same manufacturer, and the prices are the same. We are willing to sit down with Miss Hu." Miss Hu said that she was going to find a decoration company again to rework and rectify the decoration




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