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The energy consumption quota for titanium dioxide products will accelerate the "green revolution" of the titanium dioxide industry.

with the transformation and development of the industry, the competition in the domestic titanium dioxide market is becoming increasingly fierce. On the one hand, the intensification of competition forces titanium dioxide suppliers to improve service quality under the guidance of many policies, but it is more a test of pollution control for titanium dioxide manufacturers. Focusing on the current problems of the titanium dioxide industry, such as the rapid growth of production capacity and the extremely serious industrial pollution, it is not difficult to find that the technical problems of high-end titanium dioxide production are still an important bottleneck restricting the breakthrough of China's titanium dioxide industry

the main reason for the low-end overcapacity of titanium dioxide is the insufficient technology research and development and the serious problem of product homogeneity. This is a major drawback of China's manufacturing industry. Major enterprises copy each other, and then make minor changes to become their own unique products, and then hype them. Of course, the titanium dioxide industry is the same. In a short time, it may be able to obtain some profits. However, from the long-term development point of view, this practice is undoubtedly drinking poison to quench thirst, creating favorable conditions for foreign titanium dioxide enterprises to enter the domestic market

at present, titanium dioxide of international brands has entered the domestic market, and the dilemma of owning half of the country has been continuously supported. As the main testing equipment of material laboratories and quality inspection departments, it is urgent for the titanium dioxide industry to carry out environmental protection technology transformation and industrial upgrading. Recently, with the continuous exposure of titanium dioxide pollution incidents, the industry's expectation of the introduction of titanium dioxide environmental protection standards has become increasingly strong

under the general trend of domestic environmental protection, the drafting of the standard of energy consumption quota for titanium dioxide products indicates that the national macro-control has finally extended to titanium dioxide, which can be described as "one stone arouses thousands of waves"

it is reported that in recent months, the market of titanium dioxide industry in China has fallen into weakness, and the price market has continued to fall, which has made many titanium dioxide suppliers miserable. The current production situation is generally as follows: the supply price of raw materials in the downstream is high, the market demand price of titanium dioxide in the upstream is low, the enterprise has too much production, the warehouse is overstocked, and the capital turnover cannot return. Large leading enterprises take advantage of overseas export and price strategy to squeeze the market share of small and medium-sized manufacturers, and their resource advantages cannot be highlighted

as we all know, when China's titanium dioxide industry experienced the third revolution, the private joint-stock titanium dioxide enterprises led by Dongjia, longmang and Bailian emerged rapidly. At a time when the pressure of environmental protection is heavier than Mount Tai, Dongjia group has always adhered to the core concept of "neutralization and integrity-based", and gradually developed into a leader in China's titanium dioxide industry. It is understood that the environmental protection cost of the group's tons of products has reached nearly 1000 yuan. The reuse of energy conservation with waste sulfuric acid as raw material in the production process is not only an example of environmental protection investment in the industry, but also a flaunt for technology research and development to move towards high-end production lines. However, even in this way, Dongjia group and longmang group, both industry leaders, are still in the process of IPO, mainly because of the heavy pollution industry attribute of the titanium industry. It can be seen that the introduction of the titanium dioxide energy consumption standard is bound to trigger a new round of survival of the fittest in the industry, and some traditional enterprises that rely on price advantage to survive will be eliminated, so that the few titanium dioxide production enterprises in China will be put on environmental trial

therefore, the introduction of the standard "energy consumption quota for titanium dioxide products" will surely add "stimulants" to the turbulent market and become a new standard for eliminating backward production capacity, which will continuously improve the concentration of the titanium dioxide industry and the market share of enterprises meeting environmental protection standards. It is believed that the introduction of the titanium dioxide energy consumption standard will urge the domestic titanium dioxide enterprises to quickly integrate resources among enterprises, increase technical research and development, and truly take technical research and development as the primary task of enterprise development, so as to ensure the healthy and stable development of the titanium dioxide industry and avoid the tragic situation of national titanium dioxide brands being eliminated

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