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Xiamen Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.: joint venture to establish an engineering robot company

Xiamen Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.: joint venture to establish an engineering robot company

at the same time, China Construction Machinery Information

Xiamen Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. 1 can replace lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. On the evening of January 25, it announced that 100% of the production of chemical coke was planned to cooperate with AVIC Xi'an Aircraft Automation Co., Ltd. and point supported glass curtain wall support device jg138 ⑵ 001 AVIC International Beijing Co., Ltd The "navigation control Jieyi (Xiamen) engineering robot Co., Ltd." was jointly established in Xiamen by Mo medical consulting. The registered capital of the joint venture is 100million yuan, including 42million yuan contributed by Xiamen Engineering Group, accounting for 42% of the registered capital of the joint venture

the joint venture will be committed to accelerating the industrialization of intelligent telex control system for construction machinery. In the early stage, the joint venture will gradually realize the import substitution of key parts and components with the goal of industrialization of key hydraulic parts and telex control system for excavators, loaders and forklifts; After that, the business objectives will be expanded to other mechanical products

according to the company, the intelligent telex control system is an electronic hydraulic system based on electromechanical hydraulic integration technology, which is jointly developed by Xiamen Engineering Group and avic-saic automation and can be used in construction machinery and other mechanical products. With the help of this platform, through continuous development and upgrading, mechanical products can be developed to digitalization, informatization, intelligence and finally to roboticization

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