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The empty bottle detection robot developed by Hunan University and Bremen university has a broad market prospect. The multi-sensor fusion intelligent empty bottle detection robot developed by Hunan University and Bremen University in Germany has reached the leading level of similar products in the world and has a broad market prospect after the technical appraisal of Hunan Provincial Department of science and technology

this robot adopts the most advanced machine vision technology and can be used for a long time at (1) 00- 1 75 degrees. It can comprehensively and automatically detect all free warranty of beer bottles, purified water bottles, water bottles and medicine bottles on the production line, including the detection of bottle bottom, bottle body, bottle mouth and bottleneck before filling, as well as the detection of full bottles, liquid level and packaging after filling. The related technologies can also be applied to cloth, paper, various packaging, printing, instrument calibration, drug detection, semiconductor chip detection and other fields, and have a broad application prospect

according to the analysis of insiders, China has a huge beer market and a high growth rate of the market. The China Brewing Industry Association also predicts that China will replace the United States as the largest beer consumption market. At present, the overall level of China's complete beer equipment lags behind that of foreign countries for 10-20 years. Some key technical equipment components still need to be imported, and the proposed production line must also develop towards high-speed and high automation. All kinds of beverage manufacturers are eager for the emergence of empty bottle detection robots with independent intellectual property rights, low price and good quality, which are suitable for China's beverage bottles. Therefore, the multi-sensor fusion intelligent empty bottle detection robot has a broad market prospect. (Xinhua)

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