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VTC 6200car pc: the perfect solution for intelligent vehicle applications

to cope with and prevent public safety, organizations around the world are increasing funds to strengthen safety equipment or add new safety equipment. With this in mind, Xinhan expanded the VTC series and launched the VTC 6200 Car PC dedicated computer, focusing on the solution of intelligent vehicle monitoring system. Add pci-104 slot as video capture card or sumit Poe interface device. VTC 62 fluoroplastic is a paraffinic polymer in which some or all hydrogen is replaced by fluorine. The 00 Car PC uses Intel Pineview D processor, supports dual core technology, and has powerful video processing performance. It also supports a wide temperature range of -30 to 60 degrees. Its rugged and fan free design enables the VTC 6200 car PC to be safely used in harsh indoor or outdoor environments for a long time, It does not need to be maintained as often as ordinary equipment

- built in Intel Pineview D dual core 1.6GHz processor

- wireless network communication connection - 3.5G, gsm/gprs, WLAN bluetooth

- intelligent engine power ignition on/off control: delay time and low voltage protection about 0 3%

- pci-104, sumit and mini card expansion interfaces are used as Poe and mini card modules

- V wide voltage power input

- dual VGA output (replication mode)

- rugged design, certified by IP65 and mil standards

- support two high-voltage isolated serial ports and GPIO

about Xinhan

after 16 years of growth and accumulation in the industrial computer field, Xinhan has become your reliable digital platform partner. With top-level professional R & D team, high-quality design and ability, Xinhan has become an international company renowned in the industry, providing a large number of innovative leading industries and world-class products

to excel in the highly competitive industrial computer industry, in addition to excellent product performance, it also needs to be able to meet market demand in a timely manner, in line with cost-effectiveness and the best service quality. Therefore, in november2008, Xinhan was reorganized into three strategic cooperation departments: 1 The vertical display will not affect the color display of the display directly to the industry business unit (VIP), including the mobile computing platform (MCS) and multimedia playback platform (MMS). 2. industrial computer platform (ICS). 3. network security and communication platform (NCS). The purpose of this organizational restructuring is to fully integrate resources such as business, R & D, product planning management and marketing promotion, so as to truly achieve professionalism, efficiency and instant service. At the same time, shortening the project time will also enable nexcom to provide the maximum value to all customers with world-class services. If customers succeed, nexcom will succeed. Only in this way can nexcom achieve its operation and growth goals and significantly lead other competitive brands

it is particularly worth emphasizing that Xinhan provides a special level of customer customization service. The head office in Taiwan, China and the UK/US companies have obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification

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