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The rise in rubber prices triggered the wealth effect in Hainan. The annual income of employees was 23900 yuan

last year, the average net income of rubber employees in Hainan reached 23900 yuan

the picture shows the rubber workers of Hainan state-run Yangjiang farm collecting glue

20000, 25000, 30000, 35000, 40000... Since 2009, the main contract price of natural rubber in Shanghai Futures Exchange has broken through the barrier all the way and walked out of the unilateral upward trend. During this period, the spot price was also roughly the same. As the largest producer of natural rubber in China, the rise in rubber prices undoubtedly has many impacts on Hainan. The first is the substantial increase in the income of rubber farmers, which also improves the efficiency of enterprises and leads to an obvious wealth effect

the rubber price rose to a new high

open the rubber futures trend chart on the computer and you can see that except for 2008, affected by the financial crisis, the rubber futures trend hit a low of 8715 yuan per ton on December 8 of that year, and then there was an obvious V-shaped reversal. On August 7, 2009, it exceeded 20000 yuan; On October 13, 2010, it broke through the 30000 yuan mark; On January 20 this year, it broke through the 40000 yuan mark for the first time, of which 43500 yuan was the highest in history on February 9

according to the analysis of insiders, natural rubber is first of all a bulk agricultural product, and its price should first reflect the attribute of agricultural product price, which is closely related to land cost and labor cost. Judging from the time cycle of recent decades, the prices of many large agricultural products have almost increased dozens of times, while the price of natural rubber has been subject to the planned economic environment for many years, and the rise has obviously lagged behind. The current rise in rubber prices belongs to the return of prices

in addition, natural rubber is one of the four basic industrial raw materials, which has the characteristics of its resource products and is linked to the rise of oil prices to some extent. With such internal and external factors, the rise should be taken for granted

of course, there are many people who hold different views. Despite different voices, it still cannot change the reality of high rubber prices

rubber farmers' pockets are bulging

the biggest beneficiaries of the rise in rubber prices are, of course, rubber farmers who grow rubber

in Baisha Li Autonomous County, the per capita net income of farmers reached 3797 yuan last year, an increase of 23.3% over the previous year. Rubber alone will increase farmers' per capita income by more than 1500 yuan. Statistics show that farmers are enthusiastic about planting rubber in recent years. The private rubber in Baisha alone has reached more than 400000 mu, with a per capita area of more than 4 mu, and nearly 20000 mu of new cutting area is added every year. Dibao village in Da'an Town of the county is a famous rubber village, and rubber buildings have been built in the whole village

last year, the per capita net income of farmers in Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County also reached more than 3500 yuan, an increase of more than 800 yuan over the previous year, of which rubber contributed the most. Lizhixiong, a villager in Hejiu village, Limushan Town, said happily that during the rubber cutting period, he had a cash income of several hundred yuan every day

at present, rubber villages such as Dibao have been everywhere in cities and counties across the province in recent years. Especially in the central and western regions of Hainan, farmers' income from rubber accounts for nearly 50% of the total income. Because of this, Hainan also takes rubber as one of the main ways to increase farmers' income in central cities and counties

not only farmers' pockets bulged, but also the income of rubber workers in Hainan rubber increased significantly. Last year, the average net income of rubber workers in Hainan reached 23900 yuan, with the highest of 33 and 40 yuan in November

the rise in the price of rubber has also driven the seedling industry. In Dafeng branch of Yangjiang farm in the reclamation area, nearly 500000 rubber seedlings were sold last November alone. In the whole year, the branch sold more than 2.2 million plants, with an output value of more than 5 million yuan

as the only listed company in China whose main business is natural rubber planting and processing, Hainan rubber became a big bull stock as soon as it was listed. The highest share price of Hainan rubber, with an issue price of 5.99 yuan, rose to 16.98 yuan

on January 26 this year, Hainan rubber announced that due to the continuous rise in the price of natural rubber, the net profit attributable to the owner of the parent company in 2010 increased by more than 80% compared with the same period last year

high prices bring new topics

it is good for rubber farmers to increase their income, but the negative impact of high rubber prices is also worthy of vigilance

some insiders gbt4158 ⑴ 984 worry about the metal Abby impact test method. The current price is falsely high, which also hides a crisis

"the price of natural rubber is too high for downstream enterprises to bear, which is not a good thing for rubber production enterprises. A more reasonable price should be at the level of 30000 yuan per ton," a market analyst said that although the domestic natural rubber is highly dependent on foreign countries at present, the price rise to the current level must be driven by funds, which may lead to price decline at any time. He suggested that both rubber farmers and production enterprises should be prepared

it is reported that the high rubber price has seriously affected the healthy development of China's tire industry. The relevant person of China Rubber Industry Association has publicly disclosed that the loss of the whole tire industry has been close to 50%. In the fourth quarter of last year, China Rubber Association once "asked for help" from relevant national departments on behalf of tire enterprises. In January this year, the tire industry made another appeal. At present, this phenomenon has attracted the attention of relevant departments, and relevant policies are being developed to strengthen market regulation, crack down on illegal speculation and curb the rapid rise of rubber prices

in addition, the high glue price also makes some places blindly open up wasteland to grow glue, affecting the ecology. According to media reports, people in some areas of Yunnan have begun to cut down virgin forests to grow rubber, which has been severely stopped by the State Forestry Department

driven by short-term interests, farmers and enterprise rubber workers in some places also tend to "focus on output and ignore management", and some areas even have the phenomenon of heavy cutting with more drugs and knives, which affects the growth and life span of rubber trees

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