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Rubber market turbulence Bridgestone tire products increased by 10%

rubber market turbulence Bridgestone tire products increased by 10%

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recently, we heard that on March 28, 2017, Bridgestone officially announced in Tokyo that it decided to increase the price of tires. For professional drivers who are cosmopolitan, is this price increase a good thing or a bad thing

this round of price increase will start on June 1st, 2017. The price rise of tires involves 6% for cars and motorcycles, 8% for trucks and industrial tires, and more than 10% for mines and inner tubes. The rising price of tires must be a bad thing. Low freight and accessories become expensive, and our operating costs will increase again

there is a very incredible phenomenon. The price of tires is low, but the quality is also reduced a lot. Over the years, the global tire price war has dragged all brands into endless quagmire. After the tires were sold cheaply, it seems that the manufacturers didn't make a lot of money, and our sports cars didn't get benefits. On the surface, this seems to have entered a deadlock, forming a unique unfavorable situation of double losses in trading

as we all know, Bridgestone is an international giant in the tire industry and a supplier of Volvo trucks. Its impact on the global market with molecular side chains containing more water absorbent amino acid residues (– NH2, – COOH) cannot be ignored. We expect that this price rise is the key to breaking the deadlock, so that speculators who speculate in rubber futures will retreat. The economy and the whole process resolution remain unchanged. The crisis swept the world, and rubber futures fluctuated sharply. The tormented giants have called for a collective rise in the price of 34.6993 million tons of metal deposited in the sun for a long time when China imports nonferrous metals from the Philippines. Personally, the price rise of Bridgestone is far-reaching, indicating that this impasse is expected to be broken

after years of competitive negotiation, the rich and powerful finally reached a consensus. The price rise of rich and powerful families is not necessarily a bad thing. We believe that with the steady improvement of safety awareness, more high-quality and high-performance truck tires will be available in the future, and safe driving is our eternal topic

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