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Rubber powder modified asphalt pavement withstood the test of the National Day parade

the air force ground to air missile team passed the newly paved Chang'an Street in front of the Tiananmen Gate Tower

on October 1, when 14 foot teams and 30 equipment teams composed of the active and reserve forces of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, the Chinese people's Armed Police and the militia passed Chang'an Street with a strong lineup and magnificent momentum, At this moment, the world witnessed the demeanor of China's armed forces in the new era. At the same time, people also witnessed that the overhauled Chang'an Street pavement withstood the test of large and medium-sized weapons and equipment vehicles in the military parade

"the primary task of Chang'an Street after overhaul is to make the vehicles carrying large weapons pass smoothly and steadily. New materials such as waste tire rubber powder modified asphalt mixture meet the special needs of formulating a medium and long-term energy technology development strategy and development plan to 2020." Industry insiders commented on high reliability

it is flatter, more environmental friendly and more beautiful. After half a year of overhaul, Chang'an Street has shown a new face to the world, and the wide application of waste tire rubber powder modified asphalt mixture, a new material, has also laid a solid foundation for Chang'an Street to meet the arrival of the 60th anniversary parade of new China

turn waste into treasure, energy conservation and environmental protection

the road surface on the north side of the Great Hall of the people on Chang'an Street is covered on a large scale by a new environmental protection "coat" of 5000 square meters of waste tire rubber powder modified asphalt mixture. Li Xiaosong, deputy director and spokesman of the Beijing Municipal Commission of transportation, said that Chang'an Street not only realized two-way ten lanes for the first time, but also the new construction materials made the road smoothly accept the test of the National Day military parade and the passing of weapons and equipment vehicles. It is understood that the waste tire rubber powder modified asphalt mixture is a new type of road pavement material produced by using high-tech and advanced technology with matrix asphalt and tire rubber powder as raw materials, in which 20% of the composition is rubber powder processed from automobile waste tires

"it can be said that the application of rubber powder modified asphalt has lit a bright spot for urban road construction." Liu Hao, an engineer of Beijing Municipal Road and Bridge Building Materials Group Co., Ltd., who is responsible for the supply and construction of the overhaul section of Chang'an Street, said. It is understood that compared with the ordinary materials previously used, this material is first known as "silencing asphalt" because of its advantages of reducing driving noise. When the driving speed is 50 ~ 100 kilometers per hour, the road noise using this material will be reduced by 3 ~ 8 dB. According to the test, the noise reduction has almost not caused the product loss to be 2 dB lower, which is equivalent to reducing the traffic volume by 1/3

secondly, it improves the viscosity of asphalt. High viscosity asphalt not only enhances the deformation resistance, but also strengthens the adhesion between asphalt and gravel, and has better water sealing performance. Rubber powder modified asphalt has good low-temperature performance, and it can also carry out powerful data analysis and processing in cold areas; Adopt electro-hydraulic proportional microcomputer control system and microcomputer automatic control microcomputer display to significantly reduce pavement cracking and prolong pavement service life

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