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Singapore Golden Eagle Group plans to spend US $200million on research and development of textile cellulose fibers release date: Source: enterprise observer

recently, Singapore Golden Eagle Group announced that in the next decade, the group plans to invest US $200million in research and development of textile cellulose fibers. This investment plan, announced before the Vancouver textile trade and sustainable development conference, will help to develop solutions that can replace cellulose or plant-based raw materials and closed-loop manufacturing. It is expected to expand the research and development of mature clean technologies in the fiber manufacturing industry, make pilot production reach industrial scale, and solutions in emerging frontier fields with an investment ratio of 70:20:10

it is understood that Golden Eagle Group is headquartered in Singapore, and its subsidiaries include Sedley in China and Asia Pacific rayon in Indonesia. With the help of the minimum load (the minimum load after the first landing) displayed on the display of the two companies, namely the force of the yield load FS, Golden Eagle has become the world's largest producer of cellulose fiber, with a total annual output of 1.4 million tons. With the combination of external innovation forces and internal R & D teams, a number of R & D are being carried out smoothly. The internal R & D team of golden eagle group cooperates with top universities and global R & D centers to carry out research on alternative cellulose fiber raw materials, such as agricultural waste, recycled cotton and closed-loop manufacturing of cellulose fiber production

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