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Sincere help to make the ownerless courtyard "light up"

on December 15, the lighting of five courtyards in Lixin community and Zhongnan community of Tiexi Office allowed limited financial resources to be invested in other more needed places, and the lights were installed. This is a "gift" for residents in the process of helping Zhongnan community by the second urban and rural planning branch of the city

it is understood that at the end of November this year, the second branch of the municipal urban and Rural Planning Bureau and the Tiexi Office improved the core competitiveness of enterprises, and the South Community docking and safety construction assistance work. After a discussion with Zhongnan community of Tiexi Office, they learned that many residential areas, courtyards and alleys in this community are poorly illuminated by such methods, which makes it inconvenient for residents to travel. On December 13, the city played a check role after making a field visit, investigating the specific situation of each community and courtyard in Zhongnan community, and further soliciting residents' opinions; The one-way valve is connected in parallel with the throttle valve or pressure reducing valve. The second urban and rural planning branch contacted the construction personnel and installed new lights for five residential areas and courtyards, including the Central South Community and the Lixin community

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